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Staying Stylish While You Travel, Style File Friday

As I get older and build a wardrobe that I love, it is becoming more important to me to be comfortable and look presentable without being slouchy. And that goes for when I travel, as well. I’m at the point where I would like to look at my pictures and not think, “Oh yeah, that was the 12th day of wearing those clothes…”. I am more than happy to accept my goofy travel photos but there are a few easy ways to make sure that I have what I need to take one more “question” out of a trip! These are my top 3 tips for staying stylish while you travel…

Styling Stylish While You Travel

Maybe I am odd, but I hate looking at travel photos of myself when my clothing is off. I have looked at photos and wondered why I didn’t tuck in that shirt, did I know that that top was that wrinkled, and if I thought ahead to bringing flats that worked with that skirt. I know that a lot of people will say that they don’t care, and just enjoy their travel memories, but looking at myself when it could have been an easy fix is incredibly frustrating. (Of course, I still have my memories, but they are tinged with a bit of “WHY?”. Perhaps that is from almost 4 years of blogging, or perhaps just my personality coming to a head…)

Although I like to look stylish and put together when I travel, I’m not dressing overly formal. I don’t look like I’ve stepped off a runway or out of Harrods, just someone who has put some thought into their wardrobe. If you are a style blogger, you probably want to find a different guide- these are my best tips for a regular, put together look (not a fashion forward tour). So, let’s get started!

Plan Ahead in Detail

One of the biggest things I do to help myself before I travel is laying out an entire outfit from start to finish, including shoes and accessories. I don’t leave it to “these tops mix with these pants”, I plan everything. I have found that the “mix and match” approach can often leave me looking like I’m wearing the exact same thing across 10 days of pictures (which does bother me…). Matching things together ensures that I have everything I need to look put together- that I don’t have a pair of pants that needs to be worn with heels but I only brought flats, or I brought a sleeveless top without a wrap or cardigan to cover up when it cools off. Plan ahead and ensure that you have everything you need! (Especially on the shoes bit. I am incredibly particular about which shoes I will wear with what, and shoes can certainly ruin an outfit for me.) Bonus: the key is to make sure you do this at least 3-4 weeks ahead of the trip to make sure that you can replace whatever needs replacing before you actually leave on the trip!

Striped Wheaton top with Bow in Boat Neck from Kate Spade

Bring Travel-Friendly Clothes

I have a few shirts and dresses that I adore but I know that without a very thorough ironing and a place to hang undisturbed until wearing they will be wrinkled beyond anything. You can get travel steamers (if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know!), there are wrinkle release sprays, put things in the bathroom after a hot shower, and many hotels offer ironing. However, start off on the right foot and just outright avoid clothing that requires a ton of work to be presentable. There are tips and tricks to cut down on wrinkles from packing, but be honest with yourself if something just will not travel well. This includes shoes- if you are heading somewhere wet, perhaps rethink the suede unless you are hugely impressed by your protector spray. Your favourite finicky clothing will still be there when you get home to wear again, skip it for the trip! Bonus: don’t assume that every hotel/Air BnB/whatever will have somewhere for you to hang up your clothing. And if you do hang it up, triple check that you’ve not left any behind!

Casual outfit with blazer and jeans

Take Reality Into Account

I am going back to the UK in 3 months, and realistically, I find the damp climate to be chilly. So, I will be wearing thin but very warm sweaters so that I don’t need my true winter jacket but I don’t freeze without it. My Gap washable Merino wool sweaters are a lifesaver, and are quite possibly my new favourite pieces of clothing ever. If you are going to be going somewhere cold, recognise that if you are out and about you may need to wear your coat a lot or carry it- bring a lighter, warm coat. And if it is really rainy, don’t bring open-toed shoes. (The number of people wearing open-toed shoes in Dublin in February was astounding…) Once again, be honest with yourself on what you need for the activities that you are doing, the weather that you will encounter, and the length of time that you will be travelling. Bonus: Asking in public forums is a great way to find out what locals recommend wearing when you visit. They may recommend something that you’ve never thought of!

Staying Stylish While You Travel

And finally, make sure you’ve worn items before you leave! Break in shoes before you go, check to make sure that sleeves are long enough, and that the shoulders fit. With planning and thought, you won’t have to buy any emergency clothing on your trip!

What is your number one piece of clothing for you when you travel? And how are you staying stylish while you travel?

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2 thoughts on “Staying Stylish While You Travel, Style File Friday”

  • Great tips. I definitely agree with making sure shoes are broken in before you take them away with you – the last thing you want is blisters and not being able to enjoy walking around exploring. I always take a scarf with me as it’s multi functional and lightweight.

    • I’ve learned my lesson with breaking in shoes more times than I care to admit!! 😳 And I usually always have two scarves with me!! One of my Lululemon Vinyasa scarves because they can be a scarf, a hood, a pillow, a blanket, a wrap, and a bunch of other things, and then usually a plaid/tartan scarf! So useful 😊

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