History in the Making

History in the Making

Snapshot- 31 January 2018

I am very much a creature of habit, and while people can make the argument that you should try new things, new things tend to leave me off balance. So, when I stumble upon the perfect routine, I embrace it….
Candle, Book, and Tea.jpeg
My bedtime routine typically involves reading, herbal tea, and my Coal and Canary candles. To many people a $30 candle is normal, but to me it’s pretty decadent and extravagant- my C&C candles are the perfect way to spoil myself (and feel better for supporting a wonderful local business). I usually only read a little bit before bed, because it tends to wake me up rather than calm me down, but it’s nice to get a few pages in.
Sidenote: Has anyone used a $60+ candle, and is it really better than any other candle??
What is your bedtime routine? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian
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12 thoughts on “Snapshot- 31 January 2018”

  • I love a candle and I should use them more but I’m always terrified I’ll forget to blow it out or fall asleep with it on or something!
    It’s interesting that reading wakes you up. I was reading in bed last night and it made me more sleepy

  • I’m starting to get into the routine of reading before bed – I do my blogging in the morning so it’s really the only time I have to read. And I’ve missed reading! Thankfully for me, it’s super relaxing. However, it’s a bad choice when I start to run into “omg just one more chapter!!!” books haha

    • That’s my problem as of late- and then six more “only one more” chapters later, I’m waaaay later going to bed than planned haha! I do most of my writing and preparing the blog on the weekend, and then it’s just sharing/networking during the week when I have spare moments! Blogging at night would certainly keep me wiiiide awake!

      • Oh I know the feeling of being up too late! I just finished a book that I devoured in like 3 days. It was amazing haha but also I lost a lot of sleep over it. But that’s ok! I love blogging in the morning. It’s the quietest time of day in the house were I live and it fits perfectly into my work schedule and morning routine.

  • wow. I can’t imagine spending 60 on a candle. But I can see if that was really your thing, indulging that way. It’s like wine. Other people spend 100s on a bottle, I am happy with my 15-20 range. Which to some people is probably outrageously expensive too. LOL

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