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Ornament of the Day 5, Blogmas

Ornaments are wonderful gifts- I love giving them, but I especially love receiving them. I usually put them on my Christmas list because they aren’t expensive, don’t take up a ton of room, and are pretty easy to find. (My goal is to usually be as easy to shop for as possible, because there is more than enough stress during the holidays.) I’ve received some pretty spectacular ornaments from friends, but the ornament that I am going to share today is particularly special to me.

Ornament of the Day

I think that most of my readers know about my puppy, Agnes, but you may not know that I also love rabbits! I volunteered for three years with our local humane society as a Rabbit Wrangler, and spent a few hours every week playing with the rabbits. A lot of people want to cuddle cats and hang out with the dogs, but not many people show the rabbits love! And this isn’t just any rabbit, but a rabbit that is quite special to me.

Butters the Rabbit Ornament of the Day

Two of my friends here have a rabbit, Butters. Butters is the best, and is a 15 year rabbit who has more wisdom than any of us could ever aspire to. Butters also happens to be my god-rabbit! When they go out of town, I get tapped in to stay there and take care of Butters and he gives the best possible foot cuddles ever. He also makes a pretty good rabbit Santa if I do say so myself. I always like to put my Butters ornament front and centre on the tree so that I always get to see him! (I should just make an entirely animal-focused tree at this point…)

Do your friends ever give you meaningful ornaments to put on your tree? Or do you like to find all of your ornaments yourself? 

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4 thoughts on “Ornament of the Day 5, Blogmas”

  • I love Butters!! He is adorable. I’ve always liked rabbits, but I’ve developed a special love for them since I met my husband, who LOVES rabbits. He used to have a small grey Lionhead bunny when he was in college. We have a cat now, and we are pretty sure he wouldn’t like having a bunny friend, based on how he’s reacted to other animals, but I think one day we will get a pair of bunnies to have as new family members. 🙂 I love the Butters ornament.

    • I love rabbits, but I don’t think that Agnes would be okay with one at all- her prey drive is so high that she could not handle it. They are such wonderful animals and have so much more personality than people think!!! It always makes me smile to see it 🙂

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