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Ornament of the Day 2, Blogmas 2018

While a lot of people have ornament sets for their trees and like to stick within a set colour scheme or ornament type when they decorate their Christmas tree, I certainly don’t. My ornaments are a hodge podge from almost 30 years of life, and my collection includes a little bit of everything. Books are a big part of my life, so of course you would expect to find at least one or two book related ornaments on my tree. Today’s ornament is from one of my favourite series…

Ornament of the Day

Although my favourite books vary widely from Northanger Abbey to Rivers of London to The Life of Mary Stuart, like every twenty something, Harry Potter holds a soft spot in my heart. My grandparents knew from the beginning that I fell in love with the series, so I have been in the possession of a fantastic Hermione Granger ornament since the age of 11! (I’ve got to thank my grandparents for encouraging both my love of reading and my love of ornaments, and for giving me both.)

Hermione Granger Ornament for Blogmas

What I love about this ornament is that it is plain old Hermione Granger with her bushy, flyaway hair and carefree smile! Yes, Emma Granger did a wonderful job but the Hermione we know and love from the books isn’t as polished and presented as the movie version. I also love the extra touches of the potion bottles and snitches as an ode to the Potter series as a whole, though I may have put books and parchment rolls on Hermione’s design myself. I hope that with the illustrated books coming out we may be treated more ornaments!

Do you have a Hermione Granger ornament for your own tree? And do you have any other ornaments inspired by your favourite books?

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2 thoughts on “Ornament of the Day 2, Blogmas 2018”

  • Ha! Yes! I always thought it was funny how “glam” Emma Watson’s Hermione is compared to Hermione in the books. I loved how Hermione-in-the-book tweaked her teeth and hair a little bit after some polyjuice experiment to make her teeth a little less noticeable and her hair a little more tame, haha.

    • I always felt like in the movies they went a little too far- the teeth/hair thing wasn’t there to start with, and then she always looked nearly model-ish. (Even though harry and Ron looked like normal people

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