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Ornament of the Day 1, Blogmas 2018

I am so excited to bring back my ornament of the day posts. I know that they are niche and possibly even silly, but they make me quite happy, and I’m trying to focus on what makes me happy! In 2018, you can find any ornament that you want. Retro 1980s fuzzy bear? Yes! Glass blown orbs? Of course. Holiday gnomes? They are everywhere this year. But I love that I have my own personal ornament collection, and that every one of them tells their own story. So today, here is the first ornament of the day for Blogmas 2018!

Ornament of the Day Post

In case you didn’t see it, I’ve got a really short post on the history of Christmas trees- I know that everyone likes to say that Prince Albert introduced them but he can’t take credit for them! However, I do believe that much of our decorating habits do stem from the British Royal Family, including our use of ornaments.

For my newer readers, I am an alumnae member of my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta. I have been a member for over 9 years already, and am currently serving as an advisor to my undergraduate chapter. Alpha Gam is incredibly important to me, still plays a large role in my life, and has led to me making some of my best friends! And while Alpha Gam can be quite a serious and meaningful topic for me, there are also some lighthearted and goofy aspects that I embrace. And those include squirrels…

squirrel christmas tree ornament.

The Alpha Gamma Delta mascot is the squirrel. Skirious the Squirrel, if I am being specific. And I’ve got 14 squirrels at last count that live on our tree. I’ve got all sorts of squirrels, cloth and plaid and wood and pottery, and they are all named Skirious. When I have Alpha Gams over during the holiday season, I tend to have them play “How Many Squirrels Are on the Tree?”, just for entertainment. I love this squirrel in particular, because it has such a classic look. Also, the sheer tenacity of clinging to that acorn haha!

Do you have any specific types of ornament that you collect?

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4 thoughts on “Ornament of the Day 1, Blogmas 2018”

  • Jumping on the pickle thing — I’m a little nervous here, telling an historian something about history 🙂 but here goes! Pickle ornaments are throwbacks to a Victorian tradition. Parents would hang the pickle on the tree last, hiding it among the branches, and the kiddos would search for it the next day. Whichever child found the pickle in the tree would get an extra present to open on Christmas Day. It’s said to be a German tradition, but I’ve heard that that’s not true. So I’m not really sure where it comes from; but I’m pretty sure it became popular (in the U.S.A.) around the Victorian period.

    However, if I’m wrong about any of this, don’t chuck me in the tower. 🙂 I’m going on what I’ve heard in passing!

    • Oh, that is interesting!! I am going to make notes in my encyclopedia of Christmas to add that 😁 As someone who only eats cold pickles, this seems suuuuper gross but that was probably the least of their gross-ness worries in the nineteenth century haha. Now I am really curious as to why they have only reappeared here in Canada in the last 5 years or so- I wonder if the tradition was shown in a period piece a few years back and then someone revived it here!
      This is what I love about the history of Christmas, much of it IS anecdotal, which I think makes it incredibly democratic and of the people 😊😊

  • Squirrels are cool and I like the fact that you have so many different ones.
    I bought a reindeer ornament because I was lucky enough to stroke one this year – a real one – and I wanted something that would remind me of this experience. I also bought an enormous brussel sprout because it amused me (people tend to love or hate them here in the UK, but you find them on most Christmas dinner menus). My partner has banished it to my office!

    • Here in Canada in the last few years, pickle ornaments have become huge and I have no idea why!! I mean, I also love pickles haha, but I don’t know the connection. I love fun traditions like that!! And if I were you, I would tell every single person I met that I petted a reindeer- where were you able to do that??

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