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Blogmas 2018 Is Here!

Okay, this post is 2 days late- I had scheduled other posts before I realised that my Blogmas intro wasn’t coming until December 3rd! Still, if I’m being honest, my holiday posts started some time ago, so theoretically, Blogmas started slowly in September/October for me. (No shame…) I thought that I would share some of my Blogmas plans and what you can expect to see throughout the month of December! Most of my regular posts will just have a Christmas twist, but there will also be a few new additions for December. Without further adieu, Blogmas 2018!

Blogmas 2018 Plans

Culture/ Books

Sundays will be sticking with focusing on culture, books, and the arts! It might be a gift guide related to my favourite books or what a local theatre lover might enjoy, it might be recommendations for some holiday themed books or classic Christmas movies, but the theme of Sundays will stay the same. Not every single post in this category will be holiday themed, but most will! I also will most likely have more NetGalley reviews for you, as I’m making my way through many, many books… (I don’t have a problem, I swear.)

Linda Mitchelmore's Christmas at Strand House Novel


Mondays will remain for the most part this month, history of some sort! I do have more trip related history posts written, but depending on how I am feeling, they may get pushed to January. I will also have history posts mixed in other days, specifically if I am writing about something that actually falls on that day (ie. a specific saint’s day or annual tradition), but for the majority of weeks, full length history posts will stay on Mondays. My move to focusing on history is going quite well- everyone seems to be responding positively and I am really enjoying myself, so I want to see where this goes!

**If there is a holiday history tradition or story that you would like to see more on, please let me know! I can shift things around if there is something that you would like to read about 🙂

Christmas Store on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh

History Bites

History Bites on Wednesdays are very much going to be holiday related! I plan on sharing royal Christmas traditions from different periods each Wednesday, and these have been my favourite posts to write. They aren’t in depth essays on what the Stuarts did during the holiday season (or any other dynasty), but are rather small bite-sized pieces of history to arm you with some fun holiday facts and give you a weekly dose of royal history. (We all need that 🙂 ) In January, they will get back to any area of history, but the focus for December is royal Christmases!

The Royal Collection Trust's A Royal Christmas

Style File Friday

Style File Friday will also be mostly Christmas themed, but may branch out occasionally. I think that styling yourself during the holidays can be a whole different task, and we have so few chances in the year to truly dress up and enjoy our wardrobes! You can follow my holiday dressing escapades on my Instagram, as the holiday sweaters have also started to make appearances. (It is cold here, they are warm, and they make me happy. I don’t care if you deem it “too early”….) I also will be doing my annual challenge of attempting to wear red, green, or both every day during the month of December, if you would like to play along!

**Also, I apologise for some of my SFF pictures- I now only have a few hours a day on Saturday and Sunday to get my pictures for the week done, and if I am really busy or can’t get everything together, I have to take pictures in less than ideal lights. You would think that writing posts 4-6 weeks ahead would mean I could take my pictures early, but after 4 years of blogging, it’s still not sunk in…

Casual outfit of the day with jeans and ugly Christmas sweater

Ornaments of the Day!

My Ornament of the Day posts will be back this year! I collect ornaments, and they are one of my favourite things in the world, so I am excited to share more with you. These will be popping up on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and sometimes Saturdays, save for date specific posts. I know that a lot of people like to have one set of ornaments on their tree for a cohesive looks, but I’m more of the “ornaments of all variety” type of person, so you will be seeing all sorts! I firmly believe that looking at someone’s ornaments can give you insight into who they are as a person, so hopefully you will enjoy peeks into who I am!

Carousel Christmas ornament

Recipes and DIYs

I also have a few DIY and recipe posts to share throughout December. I don’t have a ton of them now that I don’t touch on those subjects in the blog, but I think the fact that it is Blogmas means I can be a little crazy here and then. Most of my posts will be fast and easy ideas, as this is the time of year that most of us have less time than more to spare. I also will only be sharing things that I have made on a regular basis and can truly vouch for, because when you are giving something as a gift, you want to be sure! (Butter tarts, butter tarts, butter tarts. I can’t sing their praises enough. Sure, I might be eating waaaaaaaay too much brown sugar but that is a risk I am willing to take…)

Butter Tart from Canadian Recipe

Social Media

I have a lot of Blogmas 2018 posts scheduled and planned for all of my social media, so I would recommend following me on my different networks! There doesn’t tend to be a ton of cross-over between networks, so you shouldn’t feel like you are just seeing the exact things on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest- I strive to maintain a pretty good variety. I would love to connect with you there if you haven’t already found me! (All of my links are in my signature, to make things easy for you.)

The classic children's tale The Nutcracker from ETA Hoffman


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