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More History!

Hello everyone and happy Monday! I have some wonderful news related to the blog. After quite a bit of thinking and pondering, I have decided to make An Historian About Town more focused on history. While the blog won’t solely look at history, it will be playing a much larger role! History is what I truly love, and I am excited to share more of that with everyone- I think that I have always received fantastic responses to my history posts, and I’m looking forward to my shift to including more history on the blog!

An Historian About Town's history posts

What Will Stay the Same?

Overall, I don’t think that there is going to be a huge change! Style File Friday posts will remain the same, with a small dose of history added when appropriate. My culture posts will also be much of what they already are- ballet and theatre, reading recommendations, and general etiquette and hosting.

Hogwarts Clock at Leavesdon Harry Potter Studio Tour

What Will Change?

My career related posts are going to shift to history posts, though! While my career/ personal development posts appeal to my readers who are closer to my age, my history posts appeal to a much larger group, and I will admit I have more fun writing them. (If you have career or personal development related questions, please feel free to email me or ask on Instagram, I am still more than happy to chat and help!) My history posts might be book recommendations (like my Upcoming History Book post), historical travel plans, documentaries that I love, or perhaps even the history of a place or person!

My Life Tip posts will finish up this week (I’m pretty sure that I’ve covered all requests!), and Wednesdays will shift to  “What Happened Wednesday” with a short and interesting fact of episode from history.

St. Margaret's Chapel at Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, UK

Why the Change?

I spend the majority of my (admittedly little) free time doing historical research, whether it be serious or casual, and history is what I’m passionate about! I love using the lens of the past to view the world. I’ve been enjoying writing my historical posts immensely and although I know that it might limit my readership, your blog should always be what you love!

King's Throne at Kensington Palace


Blogmas will of course be happening again! While I’ve only shared a few planning holiday posts so far- because if you release your gift guide after about mid-November, you will have missed me entirely- Blogmas will be back for December 1st! Blogmas will have it’s own schedule, but that will be shared closer to the start.

In the meantime, please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or post requests!

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4 thoughts on “More History!”

  • I love that you are choosing to focus on writing about what you truly love!! This blog is your creative outlet and a source of happiness, and it’s only right that you write about what makes you happiest! 🙂 I am looking forward to more history. I have a penchant for Medieval History, as I was a Medieval Studies minor in college. Particularly (and because I’m weird), I love the plague. So, any plague-y posts you have up your sleeve, keep me posted. 😉 Renaissance is also of interest, and early Middle Ages. I love the music of those time periods and would love to read some historical music posts, if you fancy that at all.

    And, what’s Blogmas? Relatively new blogger here who wasn’t blogging this time last year, so this movement (?) is lost on me…

    • Haha, most of my experience with the plague comes from various crop ups during the Tudor and Stewart period, but I’ve got some ideas percolating now!! And I do plan on delving into historical music and dance- I think that they may come a bit later (due to the need for more research), but they are definitely in the works 🙂 I am happy to be doing more of what I love!

      BLOGMAS IS MY FAAAAAAAAAAVOURITE TIME OF YEAR! (I’m a Christmas dork, I admit it.) Blogmas is a daily post for the entire month of December! People do truncated versions (like the 12 days of Blogmas), and I usually start Blogmas around the 3rd week of November because I have so much that I want to share haha. My posts are 95% holiday related, but a lot of people stick with whatever their regular blog topic is 🙂

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