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Life Tip No. 6- Healthy Snacks

For most of us, this is the time of year that we turn to comfort food, Halloween candy, Thanksgiving pies, and holiday desserts- it is so easy to grab that ready to eat chocolate bar or stop for fast food instead of making supper when it is pitch black by the time you have made it home. Eating junk food and an all over the place diet can hurt you in few ways, not just by weight gain, and it is easily avoided with just a little bit of planning and forethought! Healthy snacks are the perfect way to keep on top of your diet and energy levels.

While I think that a lot of us love enjoying our favourite junk food, we can recognise that in the long run, indulging too much and too often can work against us in the long run. Yes, there is probably weight gain but it can also affect, your skin, your energy levels, and even your immune system (depending on what you aren’t eating to make room for it).

Life gets busier, it can be easier to just sit on the couch when it is already dark by the time that you get home, and there are colds and flus flying around like they own the planet! Have some basic and easy snacks on hand, like oatmeal, soup, and frozen veggies, for when you aren’t in the mood for a huge meal but you need something. At most you will need to boil something on the stove for 5 minutes, and you will be giving yourself some of the nutrients that you need.

These are also the foods that you tend to want when you find yourself home sick. Keeping a few of these things stocked in your cupboard can save you a trip to the store when you are feeling absolutely wiped and out of commission!

How do you make sure you get your needed vitamins? What healthy snacks do you keep on hand?

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6 thoughts on “Life Tip No. 6- Healthy Snacks”

  • I keep Cambell’s soups on hand, but I also buy large boxes of granola bars as snacks. Granted they have chocolate chips in them but it’s kinda a win-win. A bit of chocolate and I get the healthy bit too.
    Suggestions on this would be lovely, I can get pretty lazy depending on a) I’m sick or b) time of the month lol.

    • I would make your own granola bars! The s’more ones are my absolute favourite haha, but the corn syrup in them really detracts from any health benefits there might be. You can control that more when you are making it yourself!
      I would keep frozen veggies on hand to add to the soup to “beef it up” (pardon the pun), and if you are going to keep any produce in your house consistently, I would make it bananas. They can be eaten with peanut butter, Nutella if you want dessert, and are full of healthy fats! I would also try to have some plain nuts around, pre- portioned into correct serving sizes. I try to make everything as easy as possible so I don’t have an excuse haha! I would also keep frozen fruits on hand- pop them in water! I know for me it is true that a lot of the time when I snack it is more boredom than anything else. That bit of flavour in the water is enough to keep me going without indulging in chips or anything!

  • I make a healthy quick meal – I ate it last night and have leftovers for lunch today! It’s basically a ratatouille type of dish – onion, courgette, peppers, garlic and tomatoes or passata, cooked down for a little bit and then add a tin of mixed beans (season to taste). You can use single tins of beans but I like having the different beans. While it’s cooking down I add a portion of frozen fish into the pan to steam on the top. It cooks super-fast and is tasty and nutritious.

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