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How to Choose Your Signature Jewellery, Style File Friday

I think that feeling confident and comfortable in what you are wearing can make a world of difference for your presentation, your poise, and your confidence. The right jewellery can also help you present the best version of yourself! This post isn’t a technical “What metals, what stones, and what cuts should you wear?” guide, because those are nowhere close to rules. Jewellery doesn’t need to be overly expensive but it should add to your ensemble, not detract. So, these are a few questions to help you choose your signature jewellery, and to make sure that it fits you, your lifestyle, and your wardrobe!

Choose Your Signature Jewellery


I find that jewellery can come from all over the place. It is inherited, gifted, purchased, and found, and can make its way into our lives completely unexpectedly and very purposefully. In any case, it can sometimes be overwhelming to figure out exactly what your signature jewellery style is- it often isn’t the pieces that are given to us! I do believe that having your jewellery down pat is good way to feel more “adult”, which sometimes can be very difficult when you are starting out in your career and life.

1) Is Your Jewellery Comfortable?

As beautiful as the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring is, I don’t think that I would ever want to wear a version of it- I have really tiny fingers (size 4- 4.5) and I know that the weight of the stone would not be comfortable in any possible way for me. A lot of people take their inspiration for their jewellery from the same place that they get their style inspiration, from celebrities! I find that there are more issues with doing this with jewellery, as there is quite a marked difference between a $7,000 necklace and an $85 necklace, and that most of us aren’t used to wearing jewellery with the size and weight that a lot of celebrities wear.

I always recommend trying jewellery on, and making sure that you are comfortable in it. Even trying it on doesn’t guarantee that you will actually enjoy wearing it; there is a big difference between wearing a necklace or earrings for an hour or two, and wearing it for 12+ hours. You also may find out that you react to wearing the metal after a while. I love fun holiday earrings that have gingerbread men or snowmen on them, but I can sadly only wear precious metals without risking an infection- unless you are planning to buy solely precious metals (which are pricey), be prepared that this might happen!

Magnetic Alpha Gamma Delta pin

2) What Does Your Jewellery Mean to You?

I am a big fan of wearing jewellery that is meaningful to the wearer. This is probably why I recommend to people from not imitating celebrity jewellery collections too much; when someone asks you about your necklace, do you really want to tell people, “Well, Kim Kardashian wore it” or would you rather say, “It was a gift from my parents for graduating”? I find that when jewellery has significance to you, you wear it differently.

For anyone who doesn’t know, I am an alumna of Alpha Gamma Delta, a sorority. It is a big and meaningful part of my life, as I met many of my close friends through Alpha Gam, and I am still an advisor! Most of my jewellery represents Alpha Gam- an acorn (our mascot is a squirrel), my badge (worn by initiated members), pearls (our official jewel). If I hadn’t joined Alpha Gamma Delta almost 10 years ago, I wouldn’t be the women who I am today, and without my Alpha Gam sisters, I would not have made it through the last year in any way. So, when I look down and see that jewellery, it means that much more to me! There is a quiet confidence that comes with that, and I think that it makes a difference in how we carry ourselves! I also wear a Claddagh ring, that I have worn for over a decade. Although I received it before I went, it is a lovely reminder of my year living in Dublin!

Acorn Necklace and Claddagh Ring Jewellery

3) What Do You Want to Wear on a Day to Day Basis?

Something to think about is what you want to wear on a day to day basis. If your hands are always getting dirty at work, or you do manual labour, it might be a good idea to skip rings. If you have a uniform that you have to wear, perhaps a large statement necklace isn’t allowed. My own day to day jewellery is quite simple and plain if I am being honest. I don’t like pieces that get caught on things, I don’t like loud pieces, and I don’t want to have change my jewellery from day to day.

I’m sure that many of us would say “If I owned a tiara, I would wear it all day long, every single day” but I don’t think that is true in actuality. (Even the Queen limits her tiaras to when they are socially appropriate!) Look at your existing wardrobe, and try different pieces on with some of your regular outfits- what works with them? I wouldn’t recommend wearing earrings AND a necklace AND rings AND bracelets all together on a daily basis, as it can be a lot at once. I would pick the pieces that make the most impact with your wardrobe.

Alpha Gamma Delta badge with pearl necklace

How did you choose your signature jewellery? And what is your favourite piece that you wear?

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5 thoughts on “How to Choose Your Signature Jewellery, Style File Friday”

  • I love this so much. I bought a cheap $15 silver claddagh when I was 15 and I’ve worn it on and off ever since then, I am constantly buying new rings and jewellery but I always end up going back to this one and getting sick of the others. I love mecklaces and rings and could literally spend most of my money on them easily, but without fail I go back to my old favourites and the new stuff doesn’t get worn after a few days. Impulse jewellery buys have literally been the hardest thing for me to give up but I’ve realised that I like having nice jewellery far more than I like wearing nice jewellery.

    • That is really my problem- I buy these “statement” necklaces but after wearing them twice, I stick with my acorn necklace and don’t look back haha. I would love to wear more rings but sadly with my size 4 fingers, I can’t buy any of those “fun” rings 🙁 I mean, it is great to save money but it would be nice to have some options. I know a lot of people who will swap out their jewellery every day, but I just can’t make that work in my wardrobe, no matter how hard I try.

  • I always wear my favorite pearl necklace for the most part along side my pearl earrings that mum got me a few years ago for Christmas. I have a few others that I change between but I’ve really just stopped wearing all other jewelry I own which is sad. I have some “boho” necklaces like my crescent moon one that I wear when I feel a need for a change up, but other than that, it’s always my pearls. Plus my AOΠ badge but that’s a given.

    • Hmm, that is really interesting to me- do you wear them with all outfits (ie. T-shirt and jeans when you go grocery shopping or to get gas, every day at work, special events)?? I find that pearls stick out from my regular wardrobe a slight bit-because I tend to have a more traditional wardrobe, adding pearls tends to make it look like I am wearing a costume 😥 I do have pearl earrings but I don’t like to change my earrings daily. I’m looking for more ways to work them in!!

      • Well my pearls are a short strand so I’ll wear them with t-shirts as long as I’m wearing a nice pair of jeans or a longer pair of shorts/capris. Otherwise I don’t wear them with my t-shirts. It also depends on what shirt it is. My Alabama shirts for sure! But not my cute boho ones. Those call for my crescent necklace. But for the most part, yeah. It just depends on the length!

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