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#AnHistorianReads Book Club, July to Sept 2018

Hi everyone! I know that I normally don’t post on Thursdays, but I interrupt your regularly scheduled break to share exciting (to me) news: my book club is kicking off! A lot of my readers are book readers, and I love discussing books and what I’m reading with all of you. I will get into the specifics below, but the first round is starting now, so it’s time to get reading!
#AnHistorianReads Book Club, July- Sept 2018

I’ve been toying with the idea of hosting a book club for a while now, and I received quite a lot of positive feedback when I asked everyone on Instagram. I’m quite excited to get started and I am hoping that everyone is excited to join in! There are some specific details:
How often will this happen?
-Quarterly- this is to give people enough time to read the book! I plan on allowing a month for reading, two months for discussion. (July to September, October to December, January to March, April to June)
What kinds of books will we read?
-Fiction and non-fiction- I plan on alternating fiction with non-fiction to offer something for everyone! (I’m not a poetry reader, so there probably won’t be any poetry…)
How do you pick the books?
-I’m *trying* to pick books that aren’t the size of a phone book, only because I know that everyone has different things going on in their life!
-I’m also trying to choose books that are widely available, and aren’t overly expensive if you choose to buy it.
How long do we have to read the book?
-1 month- The first month will be for reading, and the second and third for discussion!
Can I suggest books?
-Absolutely! After the first round, I will have a call for suggestions and then voting!
Where will we discuss our books?
-Excellent question! I don’t have the answer to that yet… We could discuss it in the comments of book club posts on the blog, we could discuss it in a Facebook group (only for book club, nothing else), or another place I haven’t thought of. Please respond to the poll with what you would prefer!

-Another excellent question! Without further adieu….
Rivers of London, Ben Aaronovitch

Rivers of London, Ben Aaronovitch

(This is also known as Midnight Riot in some markets.)
This is one of my favourite books! I had intended to pick new to me books but I wanted to start it off with a book I know so that I can get a handle on questions and keeping it going. The reason why I picked this book is that it is the book that changed my mind about fantasy; it made me realise that there can be a wide variety within niche genres, and it made me obsess about this series. Ben Aaronovitch blends magic, crime procedural, drama, history, architecture and about 9 other subjects to bring Peter Grant to life, and I think it is possibly one of the best fantasy books out there, urban fantasy or otherwise! It’s available on all major e-book providers, and it also should be easily found in most bookstores and on Amazon. I would also highly recommend listening to the audiobook, as Kobna Holdbrook-Smith is one of the most talented narrators I’ve listened to. We will start discussing at the beginning of August!
Let me know if you will be joining us for book club, if you have any fiction or non-fiction recommendations, and where you would like to see the discussions take place!
Until tomorrow,
The Historian
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