#AnHistorianReads Book Club, July to Sept 2018

Hi everyone! I know that I normally don’t post on Thursdays, but I interrupt your regularly scheduled break to share exciting (to me) news: my book club is kicking off! A lot of my readers are book readers, and I love discussing books and what I’m reading with all of you. I will get into the specifics below, but the first round is starting now, so it’s time to get reading!

#AnHistorianReads Book Club, July- Sept 2018

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Chick Lit Recommendations for the Summer

I’m a bizarrely intense reader. I’ll read fiction, mysteries, history, fantasy, biographies, cozies, humour, you name it. A lot of people criticise and mock chick lit as a genre for being fluffy and flip. However, sometimes I want to read a book to escape from stress and work and don’t want to have to do mental gymnastics to make my way through a book. Summer is definitely a reading season for me! I love sitting outside or in the three season room for a few hours, especially with a fun piece of chick lit that helps me “get away”. These are my top recommendations for chick lit this summer!

Chick Lit Rec

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