Common Courtesy… Or No?

I understand that I am somewhat traditional in my etiquette; I believe that thank you notes, hostess gifts, and dress codes are useful and practical things that should be far more common than they are today. However, I think that the world is quickly falling past these standards and ignoring even common courtesy for other human beings. Will the madness ever end??

Common Courtesy...Or No_

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How to Dress for the Theatre, Style File Friday

Dressing for the ballet or theatre is rather a hot button issue in the recent past. You will see anything from sweatpants to gowns, depending on the show and the audience- where should you fall? If you’ve never attended, I know that it might feel overwhelming or even confusing but I’m here to help! I firmly believe that your wardrobe is an important part of life and can help set the tone for whatever you are doing- the right clothing can help make your theatre experience!

How to Dressfor the Theatre

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From Class to Stage, Part III: Performance

I’ve been so excited to write this post, the final in my series on ballet! Today is all about the performance, the end goal, what arguably everyone associates ballet with. I think that a lot of people have been to the ballet at least once (or a play/ musical/ opera/ symphony), and have some understanding on what is going on from the audience side. However, everything behind the stage? It usually stays backstage. It is much like the duck on water; floating along calmly on top, with feet moving incredibly quickly and chaotically beneath the water. Without further adieu, a day of performance!

From Class to Stage- (2)

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An Historian About… The Audience

This past weekend I was lucky enough to see The Audience, produced and staged by the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre! I’m so happy that my family enjoys going to theatre and dance and musical productions, I think that the arts are good for the soul. And while Winnipeg is not necessarily the most happening of cities, companies like the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet help us hold our ground as a culturally important city. We’ve been looking forward to this play since last winter when it was announced it would be in this season’s line up, and it did not disappoint…. Continue reading

An Historian About… Potted Potter!

October seems to be a crazy busy month for me- four theatre/ballet outings, Junior Circle events, a wedding, and Thanksgiving! While it’s not allowing for quite the amount of time at home that I would like, I’m really enjoying spending time with friends and family and experiencing more culture here in Winnipeg. As a city we aren’t always known for the arts; although we have the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Winnipeg Symphony, and the Royal Manitoba Theatre Company, among many other organisations, the highlights always tend to be that we get horrendously cold in the winter and the Winnipeg Jets. For me personally, other than the RWB, I usually look to touring performances (like The Book of Mormon). My parents absollutely loved Potted Potter and after hearing their reviews, I knew I had to see it when I had the chance. Lo and behold, it stopped in Winnipeg for 4 days! Continue reading

An Historian About… The Book of Mormon!

This past weekend, I spent a few hours with Elders Price and Cunningham enjoying The Book of Mormon. I was a little worried on the way to the Centennial Concert Hall- I was feeling rather under the weather, and my temperature was swinging all over the place. I waited for the cold and flu medication to kick in, and grabbed a 7-Up to nurse during the show. This particular production of The Book of Mormon is a touring company from Broadway Across Canada, meaning that there wasn’t a whole lot of anything in the lobby. I love being able to see something of the show beforehand and was unsure of what this would mean for the show…

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Theatre Etiquette

October is a big theatre month for me! Remember that contest I said I entered at Ballet in the Park? Well, it turns out that I won!! This is pretty amazing because a) I don’t typically ever win anything, and 2) I actually tried for it and it paid off. What did I win? Tickets to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Dracula. Not only is this a world renowned production, it will be even more special because M will be visiting then! Before that, I am also seeing Potted Potter, a 70 minute retelling of all seven Harry Potter books, and The Book of Mormon. Today, in honour of all of these shows, I’m going to be discussing theatre etiquette!  Continue reading

An Historian About Town: Billy Elliot!

The Royal Maitoba Theatre Centre just finished up their run of Billy Elliot, and I was lucky enough to catch it on the last day! I went with my parents to the matinee show, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Continue reading