3 Pairs of Statement Flats, Style File Friday

In this post Sex and the City world, countless women will swear by their Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos as they totter around trying to impress the world with their style prowess and red soles. I suppose that there is a certain amount of confidence that comes with heels, but I believe that the right shoes can give you confidence no matter what the height is. These are 3 of my favourite pairs of statement flats that are just as badass as any pair of heels, and make me power stride wherever I go!

3 Pairs ofStatement Flats

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Michael Kors Daisy Moc, Style File Friday

I have been on the hunt for a comfortable but practical pair of flats for work for months now. I am very particular about ballet flats (they are near impossible to find a comfortable pair for under $130 USD) and I am hesitant to buy any shoes that I can’t try on. (Winnipeg is not the most wonderful place in the world for shoe shopping. Or any shopping…) Miracle of miracles, I finally found a pair while shopping in Seattle!! The Daisy Moc (Michael by Michael Kors) is perfect for what I need, and I’m pretty excited that I finally can step up my shoe game at work!

Style File Friday (2)

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My Favourite Shoes, Style Saturday

This past weekend I was reminded that as much as I want to preserve accessories and items of clothing to help them last longer, I need to actually wear and enjoy them instead of letting them sit on the shelf! I went to a wedding and I wore my RW & Co Navy Bow Dress that I wore to Barre After Hours in the summer. The theme of the wedding was Beauty and the Beast, so I figured I needed to with the navy and gold look. But, the question that stumps many women took me down, which shoes do I wearContinue reading

Style Saturday- 19 December 2015

Welcome to possibly the last Style Saturday of 2015! (The 26th will depend on my available time in the next week.) There is a sprinkling of Christmas, of shoes, and some good ol’ skincare! Continue reading

Style Saturday- 21 November 2015

IT’S THE ATTACK OF KATE SPAAAAADE! But seriously, I finally actually made it into a store, and it was amaaaazing. I could have spent days in there, and it wasn’t that large of a store. M and I visited the Kate Spade in Pacific Place, and it was beautiful. Okay, okay, no more pontificating, straight to the point!
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Style Saturday- October 2, 2015

As the eight million posts about boots and blanket scarves and pumpkins and sweaters would indicate, we have fully and completely entered fall my friends. I love fall as much as the next person, and my clothing is fully autumnal. Onto Style Saturday!  Continue reading

Still Staying Active!

I am pretty proud of myself- I would say I am close to the best shape of my life. I was in great shape when I had ballet 5-6 days a week, but I think I am more balanced now. I’m probably not any sort of spectacular specimen. A regular person who pays attention to their health, nothing more. Still, this is a proud moment in my life.  Continue reading

Style Saturday- 25 July 2015

I got a LOT of shopping done in SLC- M was pretty much a saint for spending that much time in stores! I had great success, and found far more than I thought I would. Apparently sales are a lot better in the States than in Canada, so I took advantage of that. I will start with the first half this week:  Continue reading

Style Saturday- 7 February 2015

So, in December I found out that my favourite clothing store in Canada is closing. Smart Set is being closed in favour of Reitmans/Cleo/Thyme. I find it frustrating because as a petite person, there are few stores for the 20-30 demographic. Ricki’s is aimed at an older demographic with office clothes and workout clothes but nothing in between. Dynamite clothes typically are far too long for me- hemming 6-8 inches off of a pair of pants destroys the line. We finally have H&M here but I don’t want my entire wardrobe to be from it. In honour of my favourite store, I’m going to start with one of my favourite dresses from Smart Set!
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