The Shoebox Project… My Favourite Time of the Year!

My favourite time of the year is the holiday season, mostly because I think that it is a warm and cozy time of year that rejuvenates all of us in some way or another. However, there are many people who might not have a support system or family of any sort there for them. I think that the number one most important aspect of the holidays is giving back and paying it forward, and The Shoebox Project is a fantastic way to do that. Women in need are often left in the shadows, and this is the perfect way to reach out and help!

The Shoebox Project

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Fraternity Friday: Junior Circle Takes On The Shoebox Project

Earlier this week Junior Circle meet to assemble our boxes for the Shoebox Project. Alpha Gamma Delta had really instilled in me the idea that giving back to the community should be one of your top priorities, and the Shoebox Project allows us to give back to women specifically.
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Fraternity Friday- Back to normal

As 85th was two weeks ago, Junior Circle is still slowly recovering from the months-long period of insanity! And I have to say, we are doing fairly well. Continue reading