6 Ways to Spend Time With a Friend

I think I speak for most of us when I say that friends are wonderful things to have! Sometimes we take them for granted, but they are there for us when we need it, provide endless hours of entertainment and amusement, and are the people who tell us when we are being entirely ridiculous. Today’s post is all about the best ways to pass time with your friends and still try new things- many of us resort to the same old coffee date and/or movie night out when we could be far more creative and active with what we are doing!

6 Ways to Spend Time With Your Friends

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The Truth of Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships- everyone has thoughts on them. “They never work,” “why try?”, “my partner and I were long distance for X years”. I do not believe that there is an across the board answer to “are they good or bad”, I think it depends on both individuals and the couple. Some people can make them work for decades, others can only go a few months before it’s too much. In any case, today I’m going to share my thoughts on long distance relationships! But first, I have to make a confession…

The Truth of

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