Enough with the Millenial Hate

For some reason, hating millenials seems to be a bizarrely popular past time with literally every other generation taking their shots at us, and even some of us at ourselves. I don’t know if this is just the extreme version of “if I put down someone else, I’ll feel better about myself” or if people really believe that it’s a great hobby, but it’s a little tired at this point. I know that 98% of people who read this will immediately think “this stupid spoiled millenial” or “she’s just out of touch”, but this is really getting redundant- the horse is dead, move on!

Enough with theMillenial Hate

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How to Professionally Network at the Start of Your Career

For most millenials, we are in the first 1-8 years of our career. The job market is rapidly changing and the ways that we train, find, and keep jobs are forever evolving. I will be the first to admit that it can easily become overwhelming and feel like a mountain that you have to climb while blindfolded. However, this is your life and your career, and you do have control over where it goes. I work in a large, public university- there is a lot of opportunity, but people can get lost in the shuffle pretty easily. Professional networking is an important step in managing your career and it is a manageable skill when you break it down! This post is a how to guide on how to approach networking, and help you get started…

How to Professionally Network

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Post-Grad Life- One, Two, and Three Years On

Life after university (college if you are one of my lovely American readers) is an impossible and confusing maze to navigate, as the Baby Boomers (BB) and Gen X-ers faced an entirely different world. Way back when, when tenacity, a willingness to work, and common sense were enough to get you a job (a diploma or a degree was helpful but not necessary). Now, a Bachelor’s degree is essentially the new high school diploma but a Masters’ degree leads to over-education, and it leads to ridiculous competition for the few jobs available due to BB working later and later in life. Despite a proliferation of blogs and social media, we really only see the “success” stories- the bloggers that somehow make $400,000/year and the Instagrammers pulling in $3,000+ per post. Today’s post is a realistic look at what post-graduate life looks like for the average millenial (aka, moi). Continue reading

Things I’ve Learned in Adulthood

So, you are an adult. Or the world tells you that you are an adult but you aren’t sure that you are human, let alone an adult of the species. It is scary and difficult and you will have to make choices that you didn’t even know existed and do things that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. However, you will also learn. A lot. You will learn things about yourself, you will learn things about other people, you will learns things about the universe that could go in a fortune cookie. And today I am going to share that knowledge with you, so that you might be able to skip a lesson or two!Β  Continue reading