How to Find Book Bargains

If you are a reader like me, you will go out of your way to find deals on books. It’s difficult to walk past a bookstore without buying something, but you also realise that space and money aren’t unlimited and you need to limit yourself a little. I have found some ways to save money and find book bargains, for both physical books and ebooks, that I’m going to share with you today.

Book Bargains

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Books for Days

I have continued on in my frenzied reading since my last post! It’s beautiful out, and sitting with a nice candle, a good cup of tea, and a fantastic book has been a wonderful way to relax. I’m still really enjoying listening to audiobooks, though I may slowly be exhausting the books that I am interested in that are actually available through the library. When you have a good story and a solid narrator, it makes the world of difference!
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A Library Card!! I finally have a library card again!

As a certified reading nerd, not having a library card has been terrible. We moved just outside the city of Winnipeg before I went to Ireland, and I never got another one. However, I spend so much on books, and sometimes I end up being disappointed or frustrated that I spent X amount on the book. So, I decided to get myself a library card once again!  Continue reading