Glamglow- Worth the Splurge?, Style File Friday

If you have ever looked at Sephora’s website, or a beauty related YouTube video, and really even just Instagram, you have probably seen the wonders of GlamGlow touted far and wide- these magical masks and treatments are meant to do wonders, save your skin from impending doom and make you look like a twinkling Disney princess… Or so we are told! Now, if you have ever looked into actually purchasing GlamGlow products, you will realise that they come with a fairly hefty price tag. This is an honest review of two GlamGlow products- the Supermud Clearing Treatment and the Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturiser in Nude Glow- with my thoughts on whether or not it is actually worth the price tag!

GLAMGLOW_Worth the splurge_

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