Style Memories, Style File Friday

Today is going to be a slightly different Style File Friday- I promise that next week I will be back to my regularly scheduled style tips and advice posts next week (I’ve got two already on the go), but I wanted to go slightly more sentimental this week. Every single one of us have those pieces that although we might not be able to wear too often, we still hold very dear to ourselves- for me, one particular piece comes to mind…

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The Secret of Comfort Clothes, Style File Friday

I think that we are all very familiar with comfort food- you’ve had a terrible day and you just want something that reminds you of warmth and cosiness and everything that’s good in your life. Well, I firmly believe that that isn’t limited to food- we all have comfort clothes that are there for us when we need them most. Maybe you’ve never thought of it, so hopefully this will help you when you need- time for comfort clothes!

The Secret ofComfort Clothes

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Styling a Tulle Skirt, Style File Friday

I think that many of us dream of wearing a tulle skirt and while it may seem fun and exciting, it’s actually a little harder to style than I originally thought it would be. It’s tough to walk the line of fun but not juvenile when a tulle skirt is involved, and I wanted to make sure that I did it right. I’m going to share how I decided to style my skirt for my favourite night of the year- Barre After Hours!

How to Style a Tulle Skirt, Tulle skirt, skirt, tulle, ballet, style, fashion

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The Subtle Art of Layering, Style File Friday

Layering- the often bandied around style that isn’t as easily done as it’s popularity might imply. When incorrectly done, you will often find yourself red faced and sweaty, wondering why on earth you thought you would be cold when you will never feel the wonder of a cool breeze on your skin again. There are a few ways to ensure that you are warm but not overheated, and still have a put together and cohesive outfit.

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Knowing When to Keep Clothes, Style File Friday

All of us take a different approach to vintage items in our wardrobe- some of us have more, some have less, but there is usually at least one piece hidden away. It can be difficult to know which pieces to hold onto and which pieces to discard. Although I certainly am no vintage clothing expert, I have found a few key strategies that help me to decide when to move on from a piece and give it a new life elsewhere or to keep it around.

Knowing When To Keep Clothes

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Sticking to a Colour Palette, Style File Friday

Choosing a colour palette for your wardrobe is beneficial for several reasons; largely because it gives your wardrobe an element of cohesion and allows for easy mixing and matching, and because it helps make decisions on what to buy and what not to buy. It may seem overwhelming to chose a palette but most of us already have a few colours common across the pieces in our wardrobe- you can usually spot your palette after spending a little bit of time actually looking at your wardrobe! Today’s post is all about how to actually stick to your palette!

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Seasonal Transitions (and poll), Style File Friday

Hello all! I hope that you are having a wonderful week, and are about to head into an even more wonderful weekend. This is my crazy time at work, and I’m trying to remember to take the time to stop for a tiny break, but that is easier said than done, sadly. Still, something that does excited and relax me? Style! This is the time of the year where summer and autumn are battling for prominence, and while it’s still heavily weighted for summer, I can feel the changes.

How to Dress For Transitional Seasons

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Ordering From Etsy, Style File Friday

I think that a lot of us are familiar with Etsy in that we know that it is there and have a general idea of what it is. I’ve purchased scarves and a few other pre-made things that are ready to ship as soon as you’ve paid, but I avoided buying anything custom that would have to be made. I don’t know why, but it always made me slightly uneasy. However, that changes now! This post is my advice and experience with ordering from an Etsy shop, and hopefully it can help answer some questions!

Ordering From Etsy, Style File Friday

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Canadian Lilly Lovers, Style File Friday

Since starting my Lilly Pulitzer journey, I’ve spent a good amount of time reading and talking with people who see Lilly on a daily basis with no questions asked! However, I’ve found an absolutely wonderful group of Canadian Lilly lovers who understand how tough it can be to find this wonderful brand, and wear it proudly in this Lilly-less country of ours. These women are so friendly and welcoming, and although it’s a smaller group, are entirely supportive. These are some of their Lilly stories!

Canadian Lilly Loveres,Style File Friday

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Planning Your Autumn Wardrobe, Style File Friday

Autumn seems a long way off in the middle of July but the retail landscape is anywhere from one to three months ahead of the rest of us! I love the colder weather of autumn and winter, and the clothing that accompanies it. However, to make the most of my wardrobe and the season, I start planning one to two months ahead what I plan on generally wearing for the season- it gives me the time I need to find or purchase anything I need, and time to clear out what I won’t be wearing! This post will help you highlight how to identify what you have for your autumn wardrobe, what you need, and what you can get rid of!

Planning Your Fall Wardrobe,Style Saturday

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