DIY Harry Potter Christmas- Ravenclaw Style, Make It Monday

My office really embraces decorating for the holiday season, and clearly I am just about as gung-ho as it gets. Last year I went with a Whoville/Grinch Who Stole Christmas theme, which was a ton of fun! This year I decided to go with a Harry Potter Christmas theme, specifically Ravenclaw (because I’m Ravenclawesome) and although it took a fair bit of creativity, I’m pretty proud of the whole set up. I will post an “after” picture in the next few weeks after it is all up at work, but I’m going to share the individual elements today for you. The goal was the keep the set up under $50 CAD and be as easy as possible, and I met that goal! Anyone can duplicate this set-up (and make it to your House) with a little effort.

DIY Harry PotterChristmas

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How to Grow Plants

So, this is the summer that I am going to grow a plant. Hopefully actually plantS if it all goes according to plans- I am hoping that this is the summer that I can grow five plants all on my own. I love using mint in my water and my cooking, so I am starting out with a mint plant. I don’t know that it is the easiest herb to grow but that is where I am making the first step! I found this kit at a bookstore, and I decided that this is time to try my thumb at being green…

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Make It Monday- Watercolour Painting

This first weekend, I tried something a little different- I’ve done three different Paint Nites now. I’ve enjoyed all of them and I would recommend it to anyone no matter what your level of experience is. I personally love painting, both in acrylic and watercolour mediums, and I inherited that from my grandfather. He is the talented artist in the family, and I always love getting advice from him. One of his Christmas gifts to me was a painting workshop with a local artists, and this past weekend it finally happened! I learned so much as a painter, and I could not have had a better Saturday. I’m going to share some of what I learned this weekend… Continue reading

DIY- Salted Cream Scrub (Blogmas 2016)

Hello all! Today is my final DIY gift post of the 2016 holiday season, a salted cream scrub. This is a wonderful gift that you can throw together a few hours before you need to give it, and takes literally no skills whatsoever. I enjoy making this and mixing it, but it is quite comforting to know that I couldn’t really screw this up. As a first time scrub-DIYer (I’m going to say that that is a profession, Lush probably employs a few) I was a little uncertain but I feel like I can now move onto to making slightly more complicated scrubs in the future! However, back to the scrub at hand…

DIY Salted Cream Scrub,Blogmas

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DIY/ Recipe Trial: Chocolate Bark

While my fudge DIY turned out really well- all of it was gone by the end of the day at work- I know that not everyone loves fudge. I personally can eat a little bit of it, but a little bit goes a long way. I was on the hunt for something that was chocolate but not just molded chocolates. (I’ve made them before and want to branch out this year. If you are interested in making a super easy and fast treat, molded chocolates are a great starting point!) I found the idea of chocolate bark on Pinterest, and thus my new DIY was born…. Continue reading

DIY: Making Your Own Christmas Sweater, Style Saturday

I think that we are now at the point in time where we can drop the Ugly in “Ugly Christmas Sweater” and embrace the awesome that they are! Now more than ever the world needs some good ju-ju and cheer, and holiday sweaters are just the ticket. I will admit that I now own five holiday sweaters and a hoodie; I can’t promise that I won’t end up with more this holiday season. Some have movable scarves and fuzzy faces, sequins, and bells- fingers crossed there is one out there for me with lights!! I have been able to grab all of mine for a reasonable price, usually $20 CAD or less (or the equivalent in USD or Euro). However, the prices seem to rise each year for a piece of clothing that realistically can be worn for roughly four weeks total. My recommendation? DIY your own!  Continue reading

DIY and Trial- Chocolate Fudge

In my quest for simple and inexpensive DIY gifts, I have come across probably hundreds of projects at this point. Some are not so simple, some are not so inexpensive, and some are just impractical or pointless for the people that would be receiving them. I kept going back to what gifts I like to receive, and the overall theme is something that I can enjoy rather than something that is sheerly practical. A fun mug, a bath bomb, and baking are up there on the list, as they all allow me to relax and enjoy myself for a few moments. The idea of fudge caught my eye; seems simple enough, requires few ingredients, and packaged well will present lovely!  Continue reading

DIY- Watercolour Quotes

This is the first of my DIY posts for Christmas gifts! These will all be fairly simply DIYs; nothing that requires any elaborate or difficult to obtain supplies, and nothing that requires any in-depth skill or experience. We’ve all seen those Pinterest DIY posts that “are so easy that a blind dog could do it in three easy steps” but in reality require four adult artists twenty four hours and about a hundred steps. I personally love receiving hand made gifts, I very much appreciate the time and energy that goes into them. Today is a simple picture that won’t take very long but allows you to personalise the gift for the recipient! Continue reading

Christmas Plans, 2016

I’m a little late on my Christmas planning this year- normally I get started in August! I’m feeling a little rushed, like I have to start moving ASAP to be ready in time. However, I also feel like it is late enough in the year that I can get started on Christmas preparation and planning without being that weirdo who is all Christmassy in August. This past weekend I spent hours pouring through recipes, DIYs, and party plans in order to put together my master plan for Christmas 2016. So, what does this plan entail?

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Style Saturday- 5 December 2015 (Blogmas #3)

Holidays have a style all of their own, and this week is a celebration of all holiday clothes! It’s not a stretch to think that it was tough for me to make cuts….
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