The 5 Best Canadian Books to Channel Your Inner Canadian

I know that most people are proud of their country in some way, but I think that overall, Canadians tend to be quite quiet about our love for Canada. We are not as showy or brash about our national pride as other countries, and as a result, I think we sometimes get forgotten about. Today I am sharing my 5 favourite books by Canadian authors to help you channel your own inner Canadian and celebrate this great country of mine! (Happy Canada Day, by the way- July 1 is ours!)

5 Best Canadian Books

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Pieces of Canadiana

Yesterday, 1 July, was Canada Day! I know that 150 years isn’t that old for a country in the grand scheme of the world but I still happen to think that it’s a pretty big celebration. Yes, people will make fun of us for being overly nice and apologetic but we are proud of who we are as a nation! Today’s post is all about sharing my favourite pieces of Canadian culture and recommendations, in case you also want to take some Canadian time for yourself.

The Best of Canada- #Canada150

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Snapshot Saturday, 1 July 2017

Happy Canada Day!! For anyone who doesn’t know, we became our own country on 1 July 1867, meaning that this is our 150th anniversary! There are Canada 150 signs everywhere and this is set to be the biggest Canada Day in my memory. I will be out at Gimli, MB for the day (the largest Icelandic settlement outside of Iceland for anyone curious) and will be posting my adventures throughout the day on Instagram and FB but I have been starting the celebrations a little early…


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Happy Canada Day! Or, a random assortment of things

Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canadians! Lucky us have the day off today (for the most part) ๐Ÿ™‚ I know quite a few people in the office were complaining that it doesn’t make for a long weekend, but I’m quite enjoying this mid-week break! In honour of Canada Day, here is probably my favourite outfit from the DoC:


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