A Book and a Beverage: February 2018

I’ve decided to start a new series celebrating two of my favourite things: reading and tea. Once a month I am going to share one of my favourite books at the time, and one of my favourite beverages! No matter what is going on in my life, I can almost always sit down and enjoy a cup of tea, and I can read or listen to a book to escape for a few hours. I’ll try to vary it month to month (with both books and beverages), and if you are interested in guest-posting for A Book and A Beverage, please use the Contact Page or send me an email at anhistorianabouttown@gmail.com! Now, for the book and beverage….

A Book and A Beverage_ February 2018

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Kobo Audiobooks: The Lowdown So Far

For anyone who is even slightly interested in ereading and audiobooks will know that most companies stick to one or the other. You will have the odd pairing like Kindle and Audible who work together (through their parent company Amazon) but it’s usually one or the other. Well, that has now changed: Kobo has entered the audiobook game! This may not be a big deal to those who aren’t particularly invested in the arena of electronic books but I can assure you that this is huge news. I actually screamed when I saw the post in line at Tim Hortons- the screaming hasn’t stopped yet. So, here is the breakdown and what we know so far:

Kobo Audiobooks

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How to Be a Social Reader

Sometimes I think that I’m pretty up on what the cool kids are into- streets ahead, you might say-, and sometimes I am years behind and have literally no idea what’s going on. Reading has always been a pretty huge part of my life, so obviously I’ve been avidly using GoodReads to catalogue, research, and review all of the books that I read, listen to, and want to find. However, in the span of about three days I was introduced to not one but two new social networks for reading and I have no idea how I hadn’t heard of them before now! Here is a quick intro and review of LibraryThing and Litsy, to hopefully spur you on in your reading pursuits!

AnHistorianAboutTown.com (6).jpg

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Summer Book Recs: Crazy Rich Asians!

While I do read more than most and am usually willing to try new books, sometimes it can take me a little while to jump on new books. Sometimes I will read a book solely because of its cover, and sometimes it doesn’t affect the decision at all. Today’s series started out as a sleeper for me, but turned out to be one of my favourites now! It’s perfect for entertainment, for relaxation, for an afternoon when you just want some fun- Crazy Rich Asians!

Summer Book Recs

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Books For… When You Want to Be a Kid Again!

If you were anything like me as a child, you were precocious, probably more than a little annoying, and you loved reading. Children’s books have really developed and expanded as a genre, including the whole tween and YA subgenre- I love that there is a never-ending stream of options for kids to find their reading fit! However, I still believe that the old classic series are where it’s at. There isn’t a ton of violence, they are classic mysteries, and there’s something different about getting lost in the past for a few hours at a time. Today’s post is all about my favourite books as a kid, so get ready for a blast from the past!

Books for... When You Want to Be a Kid Again

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Books For When… You Are Stressed

Reading plays a big part in my life, particularly when I am stressed and/or under the weather. I believe that reading is the perfect escape, and lets you get away from whatever is troubling you with minimal effort and money. This week I am sharing the books that have helped me escape and relax at difficult times. They allow you a vacation for a little bit without a ton of thinking or evaluation. Pure enjoyment, and sometimes that is exactly what we need in our lives!

Books for when you... are stressed

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What Modern Romance Taught Me

I recently borrowed the audiobook of Modern Romance from the library. (If you don’t belong to your local library, I would recommend it- most libraries offer ebooks and audiobooks that you can put straight onto your tablet and phone!) Listening to this was far more of a learning experience than I expected it to be, in the best way possible. I’m curious to know if anyone had similar thoughts and conclusions after reading Modern RomanceContinue reading

I Admit It- I’m Addicted to Reading

I know that it sounds boring and old but I love being able to sit and read for hours. “It’s your late twenties, now is the time to go out and do things!” My doing things is reading, for the most part. When I find a book that I’m addicted to, and I often do, I read it any chance I get! I know that a lot of readers feel very strongly that “listening to an audiobook does not count as reading a book“. However, to me it is one in the same, and allows me to take in even more books! I love listening to audiobooks while I drive, go for walks, do household tasks, and even while I exercise. My books this time are a mix of regular and audiobooks, and I’m proud of it! Continue reading

Audiobooks, Ebooks, Library Books, Books, Books, Books

I have really been utilising all of the reading avenues available to me! Ihave been borrowing from the library like mad, I have been borrowing audiobooks and ebooks on the Overdrive and Hoopla apps (through the library), and making my way through books I’ve purchased myself. At the time of writing, I am in Banff!! So, you might notice that I am partway through my reading list for this weekend. Continue reading