How to Choose the Right Handbag for You (with Bagwhispers), Style File Friday

As some of you will know, I have decided that 2018 is going to be the year that I educate myself on all things style. It’s easy to get caught up in pretty pictures on Pinterest, but I want to understand everything that is going into my closet and the principles guiding what we wear. In my research so far, I’ve come to understand that there is as much history, knowledge, and skill into handbags and accessories as the clothing itself. For Style File Friday, we are joined this week by Siobhan of Bagwhispers who when asked about bag shapes and styles explained how to select a handbag that suits your lifestyle!

Bagwhispers was born out of a frustration of shopping for a bag.  It’s a destination for those who want to take the hassle out of high street pounding and online trawling for the bag that’s going to make an outfit. Bagwhispers does the trawling for you and gives you the low down on quality bags regardless of budget.  In Siobhan’s own words, you want to avoid the skin grazing zips, the stitching that won’t last more than a month and the faux leather that is closer to plastic. Here is her advice on choosing the bag best for you!

How to Choose the Right Handbag for You

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3 Pairs of Statement Flats, Style File Friday

In this post Sex and the City world, countless women will swear by their Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos as they totter around trying to impress the world with their style prowess and red soles. I suppose that there is a certain amount of confidence that comes with heels, but I believe that the right shoes can give you confidence no matter what the height is. These are 3 of my favourite pairs of statement flats that are just as badass as any pair of heels, and make me power stride wherever I go!

3 Pairs ofStatement Flats

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Kate Spade Finds, Style File Friday

So I finally swung by Winners in the south end of Winnipeg. For any non-Canadians reading this, Winners is essentially the same things as Marshalls and TJ/ TK Maxx- some designer brands, some regular brands, some never heard of brands at decent prices. I have found some fantastic pieces there in the past, and I decided it was finally time to visit once again. I find that the best approach when going to a store like Winners or Marshalls is to give yourself more than enough time to wander about and really give everything a good look.

Kate Spade Finds

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Style Saturday- 14 January 2017

Well, my car locked up/died twice this week, Winnipeg and surrounding area had our third blizzard in little over a month, and my eyeballs have frozen more times this week than any human should allow. When you tell people you are from Winnipeg, people inevitably will ask how you deal with the cold. Realistically? Enough layers of clothing to turn you into the Michelin man. However, I was lucky enough to receive a couple of cold weather accessories from my family that are helping stave off the impending doom, I mean, the frigid temperatures of winter. They are super cute and pretty easy to find!  Continue reading

Style Saturday, 8 October 2016

Welcome back to Style Saturday, the day of all things style, fashion, and beauty! This week is all about existing accessories- pieces I own that jog my memories, make me smile, and just generally step up my outfit. I personally struggle with buying jewellery for myself, I just don’t have a great sense of what goes well with my wardrobe when I am out and buying. I sometimes forget how many wonderful necklaces I already own, and how the memories that they bring up affect my mood when I wear them. These few pieces are some of my favourites… Continue reading

Style Saturday- April 22, 2016

Hello, hello! This is now a time in my wardrobe with a new piece here and there, and usually for a reason (hopefully not just “because I want it” but we will see…). I am trying my hardest to buy pieces that a) work with many items in my wardrobe, and b) don’t look incredibly similar to something I already have. I am also starting to factor in cost-per-wear- look at me being all adulty! Continue reading

DIY: Odour Removal

This past Style Saturday, I featured a Kate Spade purse I bought off of resell group! To elaborate a bit more on it, when M opened it up, a ton of glitter fell out. I’m not sure why the seller put glitter in it (I would like to think I was a good buyer, I paid immediately), but they did. And when I opened the envelope from M, the smell of Bath and Bodyworks body spray was overwhelming. Given that it is a leather purse, I was a little concerned. However, after much googling, I came up with a plan of attack!  Continue reading

Style Saturday: 9 April 2016

Once again, it’s a Kate Spade week here on Style Saturday 🙂 These are both green, one of my favourite colours! (Red and green don’t seem to appear in Kate Spade items as often as I would like, for some reason. Less pink, more red please!) Green seems very appropriate for the spring 🙂 I can’t find the exact items anymore but I have linked them in different colours! Continue reading

Style Saturday- 30 January 2016

I am half-way through my Seattle/Washington acquirings, but this week is a short break for my new Winnipeg acquirings! I am still working on the process on building my wardrobe with pieces that appropriate for work and casual wear, and I have had a great deal of success with RW & Co! It is a Canadian company, I would say equivalent to Zara in some ways. While at full price, some of their items stretch the upper limit of my budget, sales usually bring them into to my preferred price range! So, what did I buy?? Continue reading

Style Saturday: 15 January 2016, or Kate Spade gifts

I was incredibly lucky, and received quite a few Kate Spade gifts for Christmas! I don’t deserve to be spoiled like this, and I am incredibly thankful for them!!!  Continue reading