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Sticking to a Colour Palette, Style File Friday

Choosing a colour palette for your wardrobe is beneficial for several reasons; largely because it gives your wardrobe an element of cohesion and allows for easy mixing and matching, and because it helps make decisions on what to buy and what not to buy. It may seem overwhelming to chose a palette but most of us already have a few colours common across the pieces in our wardrobe- you can usually spot your palette after spending a little bit of time actually looking at your wardrobe! Today’s post is all about how to actually stick to your palette!
How to Stick toa Colour Palette
Have Your Colour Palette On Hand 
Although you usually know your colour palette by the colours you typically gravitate towards, it can be easy to get swept up in a new piece that you spot because it plays up to your magpie tendencies. (We all have our magpie “thing”- for some, it’s a specific shade, for some it’s a specific pattern, a fabric, literal sparkly things. You name it- anything goes!) I love tartans of any kind! However, not all tartans belong in my wardrobe…. I keep my colour palette as a file on my phone to have it accessible! As much as I enjoy shopping, I can find it very overwhelming to walk into some stores- you would think they would have learned, but having messy, overflowing product everywhere turns most people off. Having my palette out on my phone reminds me that I have a narrow focus to start with, making the shopping process much easier! 
AW17 Palette
Know What Pieces You Are Looking For
I’m a big fan of keeping a running list of what you actually need in your wardrobe- it keeps you on track and limits random purchases. I firmly believe in keeping your eyes open for that unexpected piece that you didn’t know was out there that is perfect for you and your wardrobe, but I think that overall, we can all use a little direction in our shopping. Are you looking for a shirt to wear to the office? A cocktail dress for a wedding? A new pair of jeans? What exactly is it that you are on the hunt for, and why do you need it? Unless you have the luxury of being a stylist who keeps clothes on hand for countless people and occasions, most of us have to limit what we buy!
RW and Co Green Striped Poplin Shirt

I was looking for a crisp, green shirt to layer under sweaters at work- this RW & Co poplin shirt fit the bill!

Do Your Research Beforehand
Because you probably have an idea of what you are looking for and you most likely know what stores you will be looking at to find it- the power of the Google box very easily allows us to do research beforehand and know if it’s anywhere to be found at that particular store. I’m on the hunt for a sailor style skirt- Banana Republic Factory has one online, and none of my other regular stores show one. When I went to the store, it turns out that they hadn’t received it yet, but I did save myself the time and effort of stopping in at the other four stores that may have had one. I also like to get a feeling for that season’s collection at a store; if I’m not feeling the collection, I just don’t stop by that store. I’ve noticed that taking the time to scope out the general feeling of a store that quarter has saved me time AND lead to me filling some of the holes in my wardrobe!
Banana Republic Factory Green Plaid Boyfriend Shirt

Although I was in Banana Republic Factory to find a skirt, I discovered a plaid shirt that fits one of the holes in my wardrobe perfectly!

Why Do This?
I find that a lot of people like to dump on style for various reasons, usually something related to it being frivolous and trivial. Clothing is an important part of your image and says a lot of you, whether you want it to or not. Some people avoid clothing because it’s hard to find things that fit their shape- I certainly go through those periods, and while it can be downright daunting to find what you are looking, it’s even more of a victory when you find what you are looking for! I could get into a 2,000 word essay on the history of clothing and it’s role in society, but perhaps I’ll save that for another day…
RW and Co Grey Flowy Pants

Grey, slightly relaxed dress pants? Exactly what I’m looking for, and RW&Co had them on sale for less than $50!

What are your smart strategies for shopping? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!
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3 thoughts on “Sticking to a Colour Palette, Style File Friday”

  • I’ve talked a bit about it before. I tend to gravitate towards single color blouses in a variety of colors that go well with my neutral bottoms and colorful scarf collection. LOL. It’s all about the scarf for me 9 months out of the year. But I know I have definite attractions for grays, blues, greens, and coral. And I try to shop to those colors. I know they look well on me, they will go with my other clothes. Keeping a list is a brilliant idea, I just implemented for the first time. Better late than never. LOL. I find it’s working very well for me this fall shopping season.

    • I’m so glad that I can go back to using ALL of my scarves, and not just the super light ones- I’ve been waiting for this!! Once I actually stopped and thought about the colours that I wear and tend to like, I stopped buying those random other pieces that don’t really go with the rest of wardrobe. Most of my bottoms are neutral, but my blazers and cardigans aren’t for the most part, so this has saved me! And the list is AMAZING!!! It is SO helpful!!

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