History in the Making

History in the Making

Setting Style Goals- Style File Friday

I have to say, my blog has really been growing and stretching itself in different directions lately. None of the steps I’m taking would feel particularly large to anyone else, but putting myself out there in different ways is forcing me to take tiny chances that seem to be working out well. I hope to do a blog update post in the next few weeks with more blog specific news. But onto the style goals!

I’ve really not bought a lot of clothing this year, really a pair of work pants when they went on sale. I’m trying to focus on using everything in my wardrobe instead of continuously buying new things- I don’t have the space for them, and it’s unnecessary money being spent. However, I’m going to set aside $300 CAD for myself for the summer, to start looking for some things that I’ve been eyeing up for a while. Obviously I won’t be buying all of these, but a new pair of Michael Kors loafers, a pair of red Hunter boots, and a vintage handbag are all possibilities. Whichever I choose, it is an investment and I want to be able to do my research before buying!

I know that people say after a break up that you should change something about you, your hair, your make up, clothing, something to mark a new start. Well, I actually like my style, so I’m becoming more set in it if that’s even possible. Kate Spade was one of my favourite brands, but unfortunately is not a possibility anymore, at least for a while- so I’ve been discovering what else lays in my closet! It has also broadened my view when shopping, and I’m considering a lot of brands and companies I hadn’t before. My goal is to purchase something from two new-to-me companies by the end of August!

I’m having a bit of an issue right now- I want to write about pretty much everything style related and can’t make a decision on what to actually start with! If you can fill out this poll with what you would like to see on Style File Friday, it would be much appreciated.

What are you planning style wise for the spring and summer? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!
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