History in the Making

History in the Making

Seasonal Transitions (and poll), Style File Friday

Hello all! I hope that you are having a wonderful week, and are about to head into an even more wonderful weekend. This is my crazy time at work, and I’m trying to remember to take the time to stop for a tiny break, but that is easier said than done, sadly. Still, something that does excited and relax me? Style! This is the time of the year where summer and autumn are battling for prominence, and while it’s still heavily weighted for summer, I can feel the changes.
How to Dress For Transitional Seasons

I am wholeheartedly an autumn and winter dresser. The styles, the fabrics, the pieces, the cuts, the colours, it all suits me perfectly! Summer is the time of year that I have to be overly particular and choosy with what I wear because it can turn “kid-ish” real fast. I do enjoy autumn, but I’m not crazy for pumpkins everywhere- I’m crazy for the fashion that comes with it! So, how am I coping with this “fun” in between time that leaves us with chilly mornings and baking afternoons?
Thin Layers
This is kind of a standard for me, but I’m wearing more thin layers that aren’t a huge pain to carry at the end of the day. I work at a large university, and as most large campi go, the parking lots are on the outer edges- I’ve got a bit of a hike. My thin cardigan paired with a 3/4 shirt allows for warmth when I need it without overwhelming carrying at the end of the day. I also will wear 3-4 thinner layers in the winter, instead of 1-2 thicker layers. It’s just not my style to bulk up!

a95d536d2703a7ea434d422786ed3b54Via Pinterest

Black Pieces
I do wear black clothing year round, but I do focus on brighter and lighter colours in the summer- it’s the time to take advantage! However, I’ve slowly started wearing my black shirt dress again. When the sleeves are rolled up and I’ve got lighter shoes on, it doesn’t look overly heavy or “fall-like”. Plus, black and navy are just classic to me- while you might wear a different cut or piece, the colour suits year round. I’m just happy that I can worry less about spilling things on lighter coloured clothing…
Plaid scarf
Shouty and in caps because I can fully embrace my love of scarves again! I do have a handful of thinner scarves to wear during the summer, but I can finally start breaking out my thicker scarves. My office is still a frozen tundra, and the AC blasts through the hallways like a rolling arctic wind. My soft, white plaid scarves are perfect for keeping me cozy and my joints happy while the seasons (both outdoors and indoors) are changing and raging away! Also, if people are already sipping away on their caramel machiatos (I probably spelt that incorrectly….) and apparently pumpkin spice lattes within the month, I will wear my scarf with pride, dammit!
Also, I would be eternally grateful if you would take a view seconds and vote for what you would like to see on Style File Fridays for the next few months 🙂

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!
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