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New Year, New Books

Welcome to the new year- I hope that everyone had a lovely evening. I’m going to start 2018 with Monday and Friday posts. Fridays will still be Style File Friday, but for now I think that Mondays will be books/hobbies. Once I’m eating regularly and normally again, I am hoping to have some recipes to share again (hopefully by February). I may put up a snapshot type post on Wednesdays when I’m out and doing more, but at the moment I mostly stay within a 15 foot radius so nothing too exciting is happening. (Then again, my 3 am rambling thoughts may appeal to you…) Today I’m going to be sharing the books that I received during the holidays and my upcoming/future reading plans.
New Year, New Books
As much as I love reading, it’s not really happening right now. Unfortunately, reading doesn’t stop my mind from wandering down rabbit holes, not so good for my mental well being. However, I do have three beautiful new books from the holidays, and I’ve at least a plan in place for when I have sleeping and eating down again.
Trouble is a Friend of Mine
Trouble is a Friend of Mine, Stephanie Tromly
A very thoughtful co-worker gave me this book for Secret Santa, and she picked a wonderful book for me. It is written by a local Winnipeg author, and is a Veronica Mars/Sherlock Holmes type mystery! My concentration is lacking to really follow along right now but what I have read is interesting and certainly makes you want to grab a back pack and get in on the mystery. I’m going to read this as soon as my sleep situation is under control and my concentration is back. (It’s perfect for my reading challenge, as one of the books is supposed to be by a local author.) This is the first part of a trilogy, so hopefully I’ve got two more books to find after.
The Crown, the Official Companion
The Crown: The Official Companion, Volume I: Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill, and the Making of a Young Queen, Robert Lacey
This was rather a gift to myself. It was half-priced at Chapters, and I watched The Crown non-stop in the first bit of December when I slept none and was in and out of it, so I figured it was a symbol of what’s me now. Shamefully, although I am an historian by training, my modern history is entirely lacking. There is actually a great deal that happens in The Crown that is foreign to me, so this is the perfect guide to season one; each chapter is it’s own essay covering an episode, including the events and people that feature. Eventually, I will watch the episode and then read the corresponding essay.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, US Illustrated Edition, JK Rowling
Normally Harry Potter can snap me out of anything, but straight reading this was tougher than I would like to admit. However, it is too beautiful to just ignore, so I decided to make myself an immersive Harry Potter experience- I’m listening to the Prisoner of Azkaban audiobook (Jim Dale version) as I follow along in the book. A big plus of this is that I can follow along with the story and enjoy the illustrations that make it so special at the same time. This is my favourite of all the Potter books, so I’m hoping that in time I can just read it as a regular book! In the meantime, I will enjoy it any way that I can. I don’t have the first two books in the series in the illustrated edition, but I very well may pick up the first. (The second has spiders. That’s not happening.) These would be a great idea for anyone who likes coffee table books, they are certainly eye catching.
And, this isn’t really normal reading, but I have been pouring over The Puppy Bible to prepare myself for when I do get my westie. It’s a wonderful guide, as it goes week by week as to what you should be doing/where you should be at, as well as helpful reminders (like when to introduce what kind of toy, how many meals they should be eating when, each round of shots). As tough a time as this is for me right now, focusing on what I need to do for my puppy is helping give me hope and direction. (If you looked at my internet history, you would see more dog pages than you could think existed.)
When you are having trouble reading (for whatever reason), what do you do to combat it? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian
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10 thoughts on “New Year, New Books”

  • This is me right now…love reading so much but something/life always seems to get in the way! I got some lovely books for Christmas…history related that I’ve wanted for ages and I was so excited when I unwrapped them…it must be a new years resolution for me!

  • I adore the new illustrated Harry Potter books, they are so beautiful. I already have more copies of the HP books than I should but I’m seriously considering picking one of these up. The third book is definitely one of my favourites as well, if not my favourite (Can’t decide between the 1st and 3rd).
    When I was going through some really dark times I remember reading the Confessions of Georgia Nicholson series by Louise Rennison. The first one didn’t capture me 100% (they’re quite odd and full of nonsense) but the more I read the more I loved them and as they are about virtually nothing, it took my mind off of things and had me laughing out loud when I didn’t think that was possible. Would highly recommend 🙂
    Happy reading x

    • I’m so sorry for the months later reply!! (It was/is tough to go through comments, so it took me quite a while to open them 🙁 ) I’m reading a lot of “nonsense” books right now, and I’ve become pretty okay with that. They keep my mind occupied and sometimes even make me laugh, which is more than enough for me right now! I’ve just downloaded a whole whack of chick-lit from the Kobo store, as it seems to do the trick right now 🙂

  • Thanks! I will check out the Tromly book. If I stopped buying them today, I still would not have read everything by the time I die.
    Try meditating. That might help with focus. I’ve been there – it’ll pass. Good luck!

  • Some good choices 🙂 I got given The Crown book for Christmas which I’ll get to soon! I also have the Harry Potter book, it’s beautiful isn’t it! 🙂 I hope reading comes back to you soon 🙂

  • I usually take a break from reading that book for a bit by picking something else up. Then go back to it once I’m done with that book. You could also try looking at a magazine or newspaper and see if that helps. Maybe you need a change of reading source.
    I hope that helps, good luck! ??

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