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I’m not terribly sure about Marshall’s and the like

On the recommendation of several people, this past weekend I decided to finally go to Marshall’s. I was not wowed, not at all. I know that with places like Marshall’s/Winners/TK Maxx it all depends on the location, the time of day, day of week, and sheer luck. The store was very neat and organised, but there was maybe two employees working at the time. (From working in retail, I know a store that size would have more but they were not on the floor.)

I am keeping an eye out for a few different things, a second pair of running shoes. They had little to no shoes, and almost every shoe I looked at had nothing smaller than a 9. I have learned from the internet that a lot of stores get stock on Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays, and it is best to go in the morning on these days. Buuuut I have this thing called a job, and it doesn’t let me shop during the day sadly. I’m always looking for more athletic wear, to cut down on my laundry for the gym. They didn’t have much in recognisable brands.

There were some Kate Spade purses and wallets- selling for about 80% of the regular price. Now, I’m not in the market for a new Kate Spade purse, but I was just curious to see if they have them. I don’t see the point of selling them just below the actual cost- I will wait for Kate Spade to have a sale (and they do), and buy it then. I’m not going to pay $250 to buy a plastic laminate bag directly from Kate Spade, and I’m not paying $225 to buy it from not Kate Spade. I noticed the same from a few other brands.

Apparently Marshall’s can be great for home stuff, so if I’m looking for anything like that, maybe I will give it a shot!

After Marshall’s, I headed to Winners- exact same concept, but I believe that Winners is only in Canada. I walked in to see the same Kate Spade purses, had a good chuckle. It wasn’t as well-lit as Marshalls, and was a bit messier. However, there was more stock here! I was able to find an Adidas shirt for the gym- woohoo! They also seemed to have more purses in general.


It was off-putting to hear the staff members discussing make-up and beauty products being shoplifted. Most people have worked in retail at some point in their life, and even if you haven’t, we all know that it happens. However, I don’t want to listen to you discussing how awful customers are because a small percentage of them choose to shoplift. Discuss that in your staffroom, at your meetings, with your manager, but not on the floor where customers can hear you.

Overall impression:

I don’t know if I would frequently shop at stores like these. If you have the patience and the luck, you can certainly get some fantastic deals! However, I do not have the patience that is the key. If you visit locations frequently, it seems that you can get a good idea of what is normally carried, and that will give you a better base to work from. I don’t enjoy hunting around forever and ever, I have a specific item in my mind when I shop (typically). I would rather pay a little bit more and save the time and effort. That being said, I don’t wear a lot of designer clothes and I have made it thus far without shopping here and without going broke 🙂 This will probably be a “stop if I am killing time” place. I am envious of the people who have the patience to shop like this, though- teach me your ways!!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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