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How to Handle Casual Friday, Style File Friday

I find that something that a lot of people struggle with in their career, be it at the start or right in the middle, is the idea of casual Friday. How casual should casual Friday be? Should you observe it? Where are the lines?? Today’s post is all about how to navigate casual Friday and what some options might be! You know your own environment and workplace, so these are suggestions that I think shoot middle of the road but could be tweaked for more or less casual looks. And, because it seems particularly relevant, Happy Friday, all! 
Bailey Jeans in Indigo, Dorothy Perkins
If I am really embracing casual Friday, I go with a dark wash denim! I personally go with a skinny jean but I think bootcut and straight jeans would work well, also. A dark wash is always less casual and will allow you to still dress it up if need be! I will admit rips and tears are a pet peeve of mine, but I understand that people want that look right now. However, do not wear ripped jeans to the office- I do not care how artfully shredded they are or how much you paid, they aren’t appropriate in 90% of offices.
Dillon Fit Shirt, Banana Republic
I’ve only owned my Dillon for two months now, but it is easily one of my favourite shirts. Tucked into dark jeans, it is classic and elegant without being overly formal. I love my plaid shirts, so I love the plaid version but there are also some gorgeous floral and gingham Dillons on the Banana Republic website, depending on your preferences. It feels luxurious to the touch, and hangs nicely- it is comfortable without being sloppy at all!
Printed Quilted Puffer Vest, J Crew Factory
If you are like me, you may get cold at the office. (Or just cold everywhere. It’s not our fault!!) I like wearing my herringbone vest on casual Fridays, it’s different from your standard blazer/sweater/cardigan but not so dressed down from your sweatshirts and hoodies. Admittedly it does skew to the preppy side of style, but I think that another colour or print would give a different look! I love that a vest is easy to leave behind if you have to run quickly into a meeting or meet with a VIP that you weren’t expecting- I usually have a cardigan in my office in case, so I can always grab it if need be.
My last recommendations? Keep in mind that not everyone cares that it is casual Friday. Don’t be so casual that people question your professionalism and work ethic. Also, tweak this for your office! This would be suitable for the majority of office environments but pay attention to what others are wearing as well!
Styling Casual Friday.jpg
So, what are your go-to pieces and looks for casual Friday? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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  • Great suggestions! I totally agree that darker washed demin comes across as more professional than lighter washes. Which is a shame, as I prefer light washes, but oh well haha. I think in addition to everything you said, I would add that a statement necklace can do wonders for ‘classing up’ a casual Friday outfit. I have a statement bib necklace that I got for literally $10 at Charming Charlie that has faux pearls and crystals, and it brings a level of sophisticated glam even to a basic t-shirt. Banana Republic and J. Crew both have a lot of great similar statement jewelry – my only problem with theirs is that I think it is way overpriced given the fact that it’s not made with real pearls, real crystal, real gold, etc.
    I also love the herringbone vest! I’ve been eyeing that same vest that you have for a while now. I just can’t bring myself to get it, though, since I already own a few vests. The only issue is, two of the vests I own are meant for outdoors cold weather — they are seriously thick and wool, and have hoods. The other two vests I own are both VERY bright colors. One is from J. Crew and is their puffer vest in orange, and the other is a light puffer vest in hot pink from Lilly. I’m just a little hesitant to wear such loud colors to my office. If you have any thoughts on loud colors in work clothes, I’d love your opinion!
    Awesome post!

    • I need to get better with statement jewellery- I find it so overwhelming when I look at it for myself. What if it’s too long, what if it’s too heavy. I do love the pearl look, though- I think what I’m going to do is set aside $20-30, shop around, and just give it a try! They really can take a very casual outfit and elevate it, with literally no work. I wish we had Charming Charlie!!
      My other vest is an outdoor vest from Lululemon- it’s PERFECT for what it is, I love wearing it in the spring and summer (or year round in Washington)! It’s got a hood, though, and is super warm, so I knew I had to find another. I bought this one on sale from J Crew Factory- I want to say for roughly $60! I love that it is more of a neutral and not so out there. Now that I have this neutral though, I may eventually get a bright Kelly green one like I’ve always wanted.
      I actually love loud colours at work- my favourite pants are lipstick red- BUT it really has to be done carefully!! I always pair with a neutral, and usually stick with flats and/or very low heels. I find that you also have to know what your colours are to pull them off. I have to wear cool colours, so my pants are a blue tone red- an orange red would scream loud AND look terrible on me! I played around with my louder looks on quite a few weekends before committing on wearing them to work!

      • Ooh, I can totally see you rocking a bright Kelly green vest. I think it would compliment your hair color and skin tone very nicely.
        That is an excellent point about knowing what “your” colors are and also toning down loud colors with neutral pairings. I tend to need to wear colors that have cool undertones. I pull off fuchsia (my favorite color) surprisingly well for a redhead, but I think that’s because it has cool purple undertones. I absolutely cannot wear yellow, though!

  • Personally I love to dress down and still keep the blazer. There’s just always been something about a pair of jeans and blazer that just seems so, professional yet chill? They really need to come up with a word for us to describe that.

    • During recruitment we always wore blazers and dark jeans, so that takes me to a verrrry different mental place haha! It is a classic look though, that I think is so versatile and applicable everywhere!!

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