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History Books I Am on the Lookout For

After spending what is probably too much time on goodreads lately, I realised that I have quite a few books that I am still on the lookout for. I’m hoping I will a) actually be able to find some of these, and b) make a decision on which to read! Sometimes reviews help, sometimes… not so much. I’m also back in a history mode, so time to read about dead people 🙂 

1) We Two: Victoria and Albert: Rulers, Partners, Rivals- Gillian Gill

I don’t know why, but I am fascinated by Victoria. I think she was kind of a terrible person who was cruel and unfeeling to those around her (other than her precious Albert [I didn’t mean for that to come off sarcastically…]), so I am interested to see how she interacted with Albert. I’m hoping to get this from the library as I’m not certain I would read it again.

2) Versailles: A Biography of a Palace– Tony Spawforth

I’m not hugely interested in French history, but I do find Versailles to be something on its own level. Quite frankly, I hated Paris and the only reason I would ever go back would be to see Versailles.

3) The Secret History of Georgian London: How the Wages of Sin Shaped the Capital– Dan Cruickshank

Following on my Georgian spree, another I have been looking for for a couple of years now! I’ve read mixed reviews on Dan Cruickshank, but I am willing to give it a try.

4) London: The Autobiography – Jon E. Lewis

London is absolutely brilliant, and I would love to read about it from the start!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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