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Daisy's View of Langley, Travel Thursday

Langley is a small seaside town on Whidbey Island that is picturesque and quaint, made for strolling. Of course I demanded to take Daisy for walkies on this trip- she is the absolute best dog for walking. Not only do you get to follow her carrot tail on her inwestigations, she loves being on leash and doesn’t pull or wander off in the least. We only walked for about half an hour but the rain held off and it was a wonderful way to start the day!
A Westie's View of Langley,Travel Thursday

We got to Langley shortly before 8am on Saturday morning and the town was pretty much empty. That worked well for us, it meant that Daisy had free reign of the entire town. If you are anything like me, you may find walking dogs in the early morning relaxing and a lovely way to begin the day in a very relaxing way. I would love it if you would follow along on our walk and see Langley through the eyes of a Daisy- the Daisy!
The Dog House Saloon seems an appropriate starting point for a walk when your companion is of the four legged variety! While it looks cool, the building is not structurally sound and is still waiting for someone to buy and restore it…
Of course we had to do as much inwestigating as possible! It’s one of the things that I love about westies, they are incredibly curious.
Daisy Westie Langley Inwestigation 1
Daisy Westie Langley Inwestigation Flowerpot
What’s that, we are almost down the stairs??
Daisy Westie Langley Inwestigation3
“Ahhhhhh, the water, where those fish things live? Is that perhaps where I might find a snack of sorts?”
Daisy Westie Langley Inwestigation Penn Cove
Daisy Westie Langley Inwestigation Penn Cove Pose 2
Daisy Westie Langley Penn Cove Pose 3
“Maybe I really am small in this normal sized world? No, I am normal sized and the world is too big.” This is one of my favourite pictures of Daisy, and believe me when I say that I have thousands. I love being able to catch those small moments!
Daisy Westie Langley Penn Cove Post
Do you travel with your pets? If so, what has been your favourite place to take them?
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!
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