Discovering St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Travel Thursday

Although Christ Church Cathedral gets a lot of the Dublin love by travellers visiting the city, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is an equally historic and impressive cathedral that is only a short walk from Christ Church and is one of my favourite places to stop by. Wander off of Dame Street and spend a little time with some of Ireland’s early modern history- there’s a few things at St. Patrick’s that may just surprise you! today I’m sharing exactly why you need to visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral on your next trip to Dublin…

Discovering St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin (1)

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5 Sights to See at Christ Church Cathedral, Travel Thursday

Living in Dublin for a year and being a historian of medieval Ireland, I was spoiled for surviving medieval spaces and haunts throughout the city (and country). Although my period is really 500-800 AD, Dublin has several churches, buildings, bridges, and graveyards that survive from 100-1400 AD that I was more than happy to wander through and take everything in! Christ Church Cathedral may not be as large or decadent as some other cathedrals in Europe, but there is something amazingly calm but gorgeous that makes you want to spend your day in contemplation there.

5 Sights to See at Christ Church Cathedral,Dublin

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Graduate Work Abroad, Travel Thursday

After chatting with Katie, I’ve been thinking about my Masters! I did my MA in Irish History at University College Dublin, and had the good fortune to live in Dublin for a full year. I travelled a lot, made some new friends, and was able to train with the historian in my field. Today’s post is all about things I think that you could consider before going abroad for graduate work and the things that I learned while living in Dublin!

Graduate Work Abroad,Travel Thursday

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Jameson’s Distillery, Travel Thursday

Although it is a day early, Happy St Patrick’s Day! I usually do a random assortment of my favourite pictures from my year living in Dublin but this year I decided to narrow it down- March is when you start to see those stereotypical lists of “17 Things to Do In Dublin”, and without fail the Guinness Factory Tour is listed. While the Guinness Tour is enjoyable, I’ve got to say that the Jameson’s tour is certainly superior, (this isn’t because I’m a whiskey drinker who despises beer…) and here is why… Continue reading

My Favourite Pictures of Ireland- Happy St Patrick’s Day!

As most of you know, I was lucky enough to live in Dublin for a year! It is my favourite place to be, and in honour of St. Patrick’s Day, I will continue my tradition of postin my favourite pictures of Dublin and Ireland! Continue reading

New History Round Up- 9 February 2016

1-2 times a month, I am going to be posting a round up of all of the historical news happening in the world! I will try my hardest to make sure that they are interesting to the general public, and not only specialist historians with years of training. I could spend the rest of my life happily ensconced in an archive researching; until that happens though, I will spread my love of history here! And there has been some fairly interesting things happening historically as of late…
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Where it all began- UCD and Blackrock

For those of you who don’t know (which I will assume is most readers), M and I met during our MA at University College Dublin. We were both studying medieval Irish history, had friends in common, and one thing led to another! We spent the last day of the trip, being nostalgic and wandering through our old haunts.
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And so it comes to an end

As anyone can imagine, the trip was crazy- but absolutely wonderful! M and I had an incredible trip. We were able to see a couple new things and still see all of our familiar haunts. We caught up with some old friends in Dublin (and met some new), and we were able to see my cousin in London. Aside from heavy rain and mists in Kerry, we had lovely weather for the whole trip. I will be working my way through posts in the next few weeks! They will go something like this:

Windsor/St Albans
Dingle/Kerry Trip

In the meantime, here are some photos from the trip!




Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

Nothing stays the same

I woke up today to quite sad news- one of my favourite bakeries in Dublin closed last weekend. Bake My Cake (Booterstown and Dundrum) was a cute bakery, they made the most fantastic cupcakes and milkshakes, and they were so friendly! But I suppose they couldn’t stay afloat in the economy. I was going to be there next Sunday, grabbing a cupcake 😥 Continue reading

Every day that passes brings the trip one day closer and makes me a little bit happier

I have been slowly checking things off of my list for my trip, while getting more and more excited for it. I went and picked up my new pair of Lulu Wunder Under II Crops this past weekend- got the last black pair in the store! I am glad to have this checked off the list, as I don’t go to Lulu very often. I don’t think I need anymore clothing for the trip, which is a nice feeling. They are warm when you need them to be, cool when necessary, and are extremely quick to dry. I will most definitely get use out of them for years to come, so worth the $72 price tag! My brother also brought over the suitcase I am borrowing from him, so I will slowly be able to start packing. I will most likely start making my packing list this week (because I am Type A like that). I am still having trouble making one decision though:
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