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2018 Reading Challenge

Now that we are coming to the end of the year, and with it the end of my 2017 Goodreads challenge (and the Goodreads awards, go Lucy Worsley!), and I’ve been spending time analysing my 2017 reading. In addition to looking back at what I’ve been reading, I’ve also started planning what my 2018 reading year is going to look like, and I’ve got to say, I’m truly, truly excited for what I’m planning. This post is for all of the book nerds out there who spend as much time thinking about their reading as they do reading- my 2018 Reading Challenge!
2017 Reading Stats (1)

2017 Reading Stats 

I’m going to do an update closer to the end of the year, but I’ve decided to do a summary now with one month to go! Sometimes I do a ton of reading in December, sometimes it’s too busy to fit in a ton, and it’s hard to tell how it will go. These are my reading stats in a nutshell! FYI: I’ve classified some books in more than one category….
2017 Reading Stats
So, I’m really loving the audiobooks! Because I spend a lot of time driving and/or exercising when I can’t use my hands and eyes to read a physical or ebook, audiobooks are really coming in handy. I know that some people will adamantly claim to the death that “audiobooks don’t count as reading” but I disagree with that and I’ve counted them here. I find that memoirs/biographies are particularly well-suited for audiobooks; there are many that are actually read by the author themselves, making it a more personal experience. (It also doesn’t hurt that Kobo has now started an audiobook program!)
I’m still reading far more ebooks than physical books, as I’m still on a physical book buying moratorium until I move. The physical books that I have read are from the library, still making my library card worth it (combined with the audiobooks I can borrow). It also really appears that I’m sticking with the biography, history, and general fiction, which is kind of nice, especially on the fiction front! I’ve discovered quite a few fantastic general fiction books that have really stuck with me, and I think I’m finally getting back into fiction (vs. specific genres).

2018 Reading Challenge

So, while I’m going to do my standard Goodreads Reading Challenge of at least 52 books in a year, I’ve decided that I’m going to do more of a directed reading challenge this year! I want to force myself out of genre ruts, and also hopefully find a few new authors that have been hiding from me. Unfortunately for me a lot of reading challenges out there seem to targeted at a specific genre, meaning that I didn’t have a ton to choose from. However, I’ve landed on the Popsugar reading challenge, it seems to be the perfect fit for me this year! I won’t be super upset with myself if I don’t end up completing the entire challenge (if I feel like reading something, I don’t want to have to stop myself because it just doesn’t fit one of the criteria), but I think that this is a great way to expose my mind to few new genres and authors while still sitting in some of the familiars that I know and love!
I’ve started plotting for a few different books to fit into categories, but overall, it’s a nice feeling to be looking at an entirely fresh reading year ahead of me!
What was your favourite book of 2017 (from any year)? And are you doing any reading challenges in 2018? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!
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24 thoughts on “2018 Reading Challenge”

  • I’m just starting on a book-devouring adventure, so I don’t have any particular challenges I’m following, but this looks fun! Also your 2017 reads graphic IS SO PRETTY. Looking forward to seeing how you interpret the popsugar challenge–and probably stealing a few TBR titles from you 😀

  • I love audiobooks too. I focus while I’m driving since I don’t have any other distractions. The book I’m listening to now is call The Silk Roads, a world history from the perspective of the east. I found it on a WordPress blog where someone listed his favorite travel books. This isn’t about a traveler, but it does help travelers understand the world, which is why we travel.

  • Totally doing the PopSugar Reading Challenge next year. Cannot wait. I’ll stick to my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal of 52 books for safety’s sake. I definitely beat it. But, life sticks it’s ugly head sometimes. Often, I change the goal mid-year anyway.

  • Loved this. I’m so jealous that you read so many books! My reading challenge is just to keep up with my little bookclub. So that’s only one book a month. I really should be able to fit more in though, but you know…life! My favourite book this year that I’ve read is either Homegoing or The Sellout.

  • I liked the Book of Joy written by Dalai Lama. I found it on Blinkist. Wicked App that point forms books, highlights the important stuff and either reads it to you or you can read it by yourself. It’s great for people on the go. I did however enjoy this book so much I actually went out and read the entire thing.

    • I’ve never heard of Blinkist but it looks like it could be useful if you want to quickly see if a book would be to your tastes or not! (I will still read a book, even if I know what’s going to happen…) The Book of Joy looks fantastic, I’ve order it from the library!

  • The infographics look so cool! This is such a great challenge did you do a challenge for last year too? I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t have a book from last year I really should get myself to the library.

    • Oh, thank you so much!!! (I really wasn’t sure if the infographics would add to it or not :s I think I’m going to try and use them more!!) I just did the general Goodreads challenge last year, and I set it to 52 books (I should end up somewhere around 65-67, I think), this is my first somewhat directed challenge, eek. And audiobooks might be a good way to ease back into reading- the right narrator can pull you right in!

  • I did a similar reading challenge this year to this PopSugar one. It’s fun to find books that fit the categories. For 2018, I’m going to listen to more audiobooks and read more ebooks – because I’ve kept myself away from audiobooks for far too long, and I want to build up my NetGalley reputation. Good luck to you, and I’m looking forward to following along. 🙂

    • Did you find yourself struggling at any point to fill the challenge? And did you use one book for more than one criteria?? (I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to allow myself or not.) I’m also going to getting into NetGalley (finally going to use that account), I’m excited to try some newer works!

      • My challenge isn’t as lengthy, so it was easier to give each criteria its own book. If I was taking on this challenge I would probably double up (at least), but it’s all up to how much you know you can read, of course! To fill out the criteria, I used my overflowing Goodreads TBR shelf to help. I would also suggest using BookRiot and BuzzFeed book lists. Often those have books I’ve never heard of, debut authors, book series recommendations, etc.
        NetGalley has shown me that I can read ebooks and shouldn’t be so stubborn about it, and plus it gives me more titles to review. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!

  • Wow, I love your 2017 Stats graphic ? And that Popsugar challenge sounds really cool 🙂 My favorite book from 2017 is Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon, and I wasn’t thinking of doing a 2018 reading challenge until I read your post, but I’m definitely going to check some of them out now!

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