Ballet at Covent Garden, Travel Thursday

Starting next week, I’m going to have a three part series on the blog on ballet- ballet class to dress rehearsal to performance. In the meantime, these are some ballet pilgrimages I’ve taken and moments I’ve had throughout my travels! I consider myself lucky that I’ve been able to convince multiple travel mates to let stop and take pictures in front of various places around Covent Garden, arguably the home of English ballet.


Unfortunately I’ve not yet seen the Royal Ballet perform- they haven’t been performing while I’m in London, or on tour anywhere I’ve happened to be. Because we have our own Royally designated company here in Winnipeg, I don’t foresee them ever coming here. However, they aren’t going anywhere and I’m going to try and plan my next London trip around seeing a performance!

The Royal Opera House is the home of the Royal Ballet and it was the first place I had to see when I first got to Covent Garden. The exterior dates back to mid nineteenth century and is beautiful! I can only imagine what kind of headspace you would be in walking into a building like this for a performance.


I love this shot, with the ROH emblem standing out in the background! I must say, I normally prefer buildings to look their age but I do love how clean and new it looks- it allows for all of the detail to stand out for itself.

Royal opera house portrait.jpg

When you have your back to the facade, you are treated with one of my favourite sculptures in the world! Enzo Pazzotta’s Young Dancer is in the perfect spot for any ballet-goer. The first time I wasn’t able to get to it because of construction and work going on, but I was finally able to when M and I visited in 2015. I particularly enjoy the phone boxes in the background!

Dancer statue.jpg

These pictures are of two well known English dance stores. Both Bloch and Freed started in the 1930s in London! Most dancers are incredibly loyal to their shoes companies- I wear all Bloch soft and pointe shoes. They fit my feet well and I can always trust the craftsmanship. I wear Freed flats for my everyday life and they are some of the most supportive and comfortable shoes that I’ve ever worn! I think in the next few months I’m going to pick up a pair of Freed soft shoes and give them a whirl- two and a half decades in Blochs and I’m curious to try another maker! Fun fact: You typically need to try on more than one pair of pointe shoes in the same size- they are all handmade, so one 3c won’t fit the same as another. After a while, you will start to recognise the markings of a particular maker!

Bloch.jpeg London.jpg

Freed London.jpg

While most people enjoy travelling regardless of where they are, it’s always a wonderful feeling to stop somewhere that is so meaningful to you. I might not look my best in these pictures but I was so happy to be able to actually visit the ROH, Bloch, and Freed in person! A ballet epiphany, if you will!

My ballet series should be starting next week- let me know if you have any questions about ballet that you would like answered! 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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4 thoughts on “Ballet at Covent Garden, Travel Thursday

  1. josypheen July 13, 2017 / 11:13 am

    I love this!
    It’s such a shame you didn’t get to see the Royal ballet while you were in London though. They are blooming amazing. But then, to us mere mortals all you ballerinas are amazing!

    When I was a teenager my next door neighbour got into the Royal ballet training school. I remember all her excitement and it is really nice to see that same excitement in you. 🙂


    • anhistorianabouttown July 13, 2017 / 11:18 am

      I’m DETERMINED to see them on my next trip (and will probably plan my trip around it haha)!! A few of my friends and classmates were accepted into the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Professional Division and I wad/still am in awe of them!! I can handle my own in class but I’m nowhere near professional 😶

      Liked by 1 person

      • josypheen July 13, 2017 / 11:50 am

        Squeee! That is s cool!
        Although their poor ouchy feet!


  2. Gabe Burkhardt July 13, 2017 / 11:48 am

    Historian AND dancer?!? Thats a wonderful blend of talents. While I’m sorry to hear that you won’t; be seeing the Royal ballet company perform this time around, I agree with you.
    Great excuse for a return trip!


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