DIY- Salted Cream Scrub (Blogmas 2016)

Hello all! Today is my final DIY gift post of the 2016 holiday season, a salted cream scrub. This is a wonderful gift that you can throw together a few hours before you need to give it, and takes literally no skills whatsoever. I enjoy making this and mixing it, but it is quite comforting to know that I couldn’t really screw this up. As a first time scrub-DIYer (I’m going to say that that is a profession, Lush probably employs a few) I was a little uncertain but I feel like I can now move onto to making slightly more complicated scrubs in the future! However, back to the scrub at hand…

DIY Salted Cream Scrub,Blogmas

DIY Salted Cream Scrub.jpg

You can find the original instructions here! This is a super basic scrub with only three ingredients:
-1/2 cup coarse sea salt
-1/2 heavy cream
-Vanilla extract or essential oil
I went with vanilla extract- while I wouldn’t necessarily want to eat this given that it is salt and cream, I prefer that it be safe for ingestion. No, we never mean to ingest most things but we’ve all accidentally gotten a taste of bug spray when some was left on our hand. For any parents out there (or anyone who has little ones running about, a la nieces, nephews, and grandchildren), this would be entirely safe to keep around the house! I have been storing it in the fridge when not using it.
This isn’t a terribly thick scrub, but that is what I prefer! This is a perfect hand scrub- the salt and cream together leaves your hands feeling smooth and hydrated, and the vanilla leaves you smelling like cookies. It is very possible that I prefer vanilla scents because of how much baking I do, but I find that it’s not an overwhelming scent. I bought small jars for $1 from the Dollar Store for storage and have little info cards for the recipients with the ingredients and storage.

I have to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the DIY gifts I made this year! I’m certainly going to be trying more DIY projects throughout the year, and I’m hoping to find more winners like this! You can see my other DIY gifts here:

What DIY presents have you made this year? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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