An Historian About… #RWBVespers

It’s not often that you get to see the world premier of a ballet- often it will be a premier for that company, but typically not for the ballet as a whole. I was able to see the world premiere of Vespers, on Friday, May 12, 2017, and it was incredible. Although I typically skew towards preferring the classical and story ballets,  I could not have loved this more. Vespers is nuanced and detailed and full of emotion, and the choreography felt organic and layered.

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An Historian About… Royal Winnipeg Ballet 1718 Season Reveal!

This week, I was incredibly lucky to be invited to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s 1718 Season Reveal! I had some vacation time at work and knew that it would be worth it, so on Tuesday morning I made my way down to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet studio to catch a glimpse of what the next season has in store for us! As you can imagine, I was fairly excited to be invited and I am so appreciative that the Royal Winnipeg Ballet takes the time to interact and engage with it’s patrons in a meaningful way. The ballet community in Winnipeg (and really everywhere) is not so big, and they do a wonderful job of reaching out to us!

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An Historian About… The Audience

This past weekend I was lucky enough to see The Audience, produced and staged by the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre! I’m so happy that my family enjoys going to theatre and dance and musical productions, I think that the arts are good for the soul. And while Winnipeg is not necessarily the most happening of cities, companies like the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet help us hold our ground as a culturally important city. We’ve been looking forward to this play since last winter when it was announced it would be in this season’s line up, and it did not disappoint…. Continue reading

An Historian About… the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Dracula!

With a world-renowned ballet company like the Royal Winnipeg Ballet in my city, I take advantage of any chance I can get to see one of their performances! In a very odd twist of fate, I was able to see Dracula twice in October, or at least parts of it. I’m not usually a Halloween type of person, but this does seem to be quite fitting viewing for the holiday!

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An Historian About… The Book of Mormon!

This past weekend, I spent a few hours with Elders Price and Cunningham enjoying The Book of Mormon. I was a little worried on the way to the Centennial Concert Hall- I was feeling rather under the weather, and my temperature was swinging all over the place. I waited for the cold and flu medication to kick in, and grabbed a 7-Up to nurse during the show. This particular production of The Book of Mormon is a touring company from Broadway Across Canada, meaning that there wasn’t a whole lot of anything in the lobby. I love being able to see something of the show beforehand and was unsure of what this would mean for the show…

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Wednesday Westies- Winnipeg Westie Walk 2016!

Although I would love it more than anything, I promise that not every Wednesday will have Westies! However, this past weekend I was lucky enough to fulfil one of my lifelong dreams to attend a Westie gathering. Continue reading