Why You Should Get Involved With Your Community

I think that there are certain times in your life when it is easier to get involved in your community than others; when you are a student, there are countless student groups offering you free food and goodies to join, and when you are a parent, by the nature of most activities you have a quasi-group of parents who have to attend and volunteer at the same things that you do. However, many of us don’t fall into either of those groups, and I think that that is the best time to get involved and make a difference! And yes, it benefits your community, but it also benefits you…

The Benefits of Volunteering

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Junior Circle Takes on Take Pride

I am thankful that the other members of Junior Circle are as passionate about philanthropy as I am. Our chapter doesn’t do a lot of philanthropy events, and hasn’t in the seven years since I pledged. (Eep, I’m getting on in years.) We find different ways to give back and make a difference in our communities- to several different causes. Continue reading

A Little Animal Love

For my newer readers that don’t know, I wholeheartedly love all animals! My brother’s husky Loki, my boyfriend’s Westie Daisy, and the rabbits I volunteer with at the Humane Society every week go a long way in keeping me happy and grounded. Continue reading

Rabbits! Rabbits and One Angry Chinchilla

Every week the Humane Society provides me with endless smiles and laughs to last me throughout the week. For those of you that are new, I am officially a Rabbit Wrangler! In addition to wrangling, I also cuddle, obstacle course, and pet the bunnies. Sometimes we get other animals, like the chinchilla… Continue reading

What am I, you ask? A rabbit wrangler, in fact.

I am incredibly excited and proud to say that I am now officially a rabbit wrangler with the humane society here! Alpha Gam really encouraged my love of philanthropic work, and I love animals, so the humane society is a pretty perfect for me. I’m hoping to eventually volunteer with dogs, but those positions are impossible to get, and I do love the rabbits, too πŸ™‚ I find none of the shifts are terribly long, and there are always adorable rabbits traipsing around.Β  Continue reading

Essentially, the theme of my life is planning.

I apologise for the MIA-status as of lately, life has been busy busy busy! I just got home from International Reunion Day, for our local Alpha Gamma Delta chapter. In the hectic-ness of everything, I neglected to take pictures, but everything turned out well! Continue reading