5 Tips for Going Green at Work!

In 2018, sustainability and green living is becoming more important and more prominent in all of our lives- I think that we can all agree that we need to do what we can to help this planet of ours. I find that a lot of tips and advice is geared to going green at home on a personal level, but there is far less out there on what you can do to be more green at the office. This is a handy guide on what you can do as an individual to go green and sustainable at work!

5 Tips for GoingGreen at Work

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Living Sustainably, Part IV: The Inbetween

Hello, hello, and welcome back to the fourth and final piece in my series on sustainability! Throughout the writing of this series, I realised that there are a few different thoughts and suggestions of mine that didn’t fit into one particular theme or another, so I’ve decided to combine them into this post. These are all quite small and easy things that you can do, with very little expense and change to your existing life- if you are looking to start with small changes, this is the place!

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Living Sustainably, Pt III: Your Wardrobe

Welcome to the third part of my sustainability series! While Part I was all about food, and Part II was all about the home, this is going to focus on how to tackle your wardrobe and make changes for a more green closet! (For anyone following along, I will be doing a fourth part next week.) We all have thoughtful and specific-to-us wardrobes that suit our tastes and needs, but that doesn’t mean that it suits the environment. Building a sustainable wardrobe is certainly a long term but worthwhile process that can be done by anyone! Today I’m sharing the four things you can focus on when looking at your wardrobe with green glasses…

Living Sustaibably, Pt III, Your Wardrobe

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Living Sustainably, Pt II: The Home

Welcome to the second part of my series on sustainability! While Part I focused on the different ways you can take to sustainability with the food that you eat and use, this post is going to help you “green up” your approach to your home. All of these suggestions should be application to any home, be it house, hut, apartment, or houseboat (if you’re really fancy, and brave quite frankly), and they will all save you money! Fast and easy, it’s the perfect way to go green…

Sustainability, Part II- The Home

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Living Sustainably, Part I: Food

I’ve struggled with sustainability for a while in my own head. Obviously we all understand the importance for the planet and future generations but I think that a lot of us waiver when it comes to actually putting it into practice! For most of us, it takes a shift in the way that we think and a realisation that things may take a little longer or cost a little more. This is a three part series on small ways to foster and encourage sustainability in your own life, and today I will be sharing a few tips of being sustainable with food!

Sustainability, Part I- Food

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