The Importance of Customer Service, Style File Friday

Unless you are lucky enough to have a personal shopper who handles all of the nitty and gritty parts of your shopping experience, you will come into contact with customer service at some point in the proceedings. Usually, I would say that it goes smoothly for most of us, but every once in a while, there is a snag in the proceedings and we rely on customer service to get us through the transaction peacefully. Today I’m chatting about what makes for good customer service, and what we can do to help everything along as the customer!

The Importance of Good Customer Service

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Tips to Prepare for Outlet Shopping

Without a doubt, my Retail vs. Outlet- Worth It? post is my most popular, followed closely by Alternatives to Outlet Stores! Judging from the number of views of the posts, the number of people posting about outlet sales in my Facebook groups, and the popularity of outlet and off-price shopping, a lot of us are interested in outlet and off-price shopping. I find that preparing for shopping at an outlet is a different process than when I am shopping at a regular retail store. I am sure that a lot of people will see no difference, but I find that altering the way that I approach shopping for outlets has led to more enjoyable shopping, and more importantly, more successful shopping. So, what are my tips?

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Retail vs Outlet- Worth it?

The whole topic of buying retail as opposed to buying outlet is certainly popular right now. CBC (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) recently aired a piece on the question of quality in outlet stores. It is not so straightforward as to be, “it’s all terrible, or it’s all quality”- but that seems to be the approach that most people take. Because I have enough of it to compare, my examples will come from Kate Spade! (Also, feel free to read my related posts, Alternatives to Outlet Stores and Tips to Prepare for Outlet Shopping!) Continue reading