A Guide to Smart Casual for the Office, Style File Friday

I recently changed jobs at the company that I work for, and my new department is quite different from my last! Everyone is incredibly friendly and welcoming, and I am really happy to have wonderful co-workers who make the day brighter. This office is more casual than most though, and I’m definitely working on adapting my style so that I fit more. (I’m not against being on the dressier side, but it does feel odd to be in suit when everyone else is in jeans no matter where you are in life.) This is a guide on how to tackle dressing for a casual office when you come from a formal background!


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Style Saturday, 2 July 2016

And now for the final week of my June style challenge! All in all I spent less than $20 on clothing in the month of June (that Old Navy skirt got me!!), and while I don’t know that I came up with any truly “creative” outfits, I broke my habit of continually wearing the same 6-7 outfits! I plan on continuing to branch out in my wardrobe for the month of July- the new challenge will be detailed below! Continue reading

Style Saturday- 21 May 2016

Helllllo all, happy May-Long-Saturday to everyone! I hope you are enjoying this fine weekend day 🙂 As everyone knows, I have been slowly building my work wardrobe. I had two bounce back passes for RW & Co. Those “Spend $100, save $50” cards get me at RW & Co. (I should probably get some sort of partnership with RW & Co going; I’ve sold probably $1500 of their merchandise to friends and coworkers in the past 3 months….) I really focused on shorter sleeved shirts, as I am sorely lacking in that area. Continue reading

Making the Most of Your Job

As a working twenty-something, I have learned a few things about the working world. I am by no means an expert, but a little bit goes a long way in the professional world. Most people spend 8 hours a day with the same colleagues (save for vacation and sick days), so your relationships with them will play a role in your career.

Making the Most of Your Job
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Style Saturday: 13 February 2016

In the last year or so, I have really come to appreciate the Gap. There are not a lot of stores left in Canada that are appropriate for work and casual for twenty-somethings at the same price-point as the Gap. People suggest J. Crew Factory, LOFT, and similar stores, but the Gap is the only company that I have seen maintain a warehouse in Canada. So, I naturally power-shopped the Gap when West-Jet lost my luggage! Other than my PJ pants from last week, what did I buy?  Continue reading

Style Saturday- 30 January 2016

I am half-way through my Seattle/Washington acquirings, but this week is a short break for my new Winnipeg acquirings! I am still working on the process on building my wardrobe with pieces that appropriate for work and casual wear, and I have had a great deal of success with RW & Co! It is a Canadian company, I would say equivalent to Zara in some ways. While at full price, some of their items stretch the upper limit of my budget, sales usually bring them into to my preferred price range! So, what did I buy?? Continue reading

Hopefully I Look Like I Know What I Am Doing

I read many, many blogs- mostly through the WordPress Reader and BlogLovin’ to eliminate hunting around for updates. Many look at style/clothing/fashion, but unfortunately most are either students or people who blog for a living. While neither of these are bad things, it is not helpful when you work in an office and are trying to figure out what to wear. Not every office is the same, but I have some general guidelines: 
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