How to Pull Off Plaid, Style File Friday

If you take nothing else away from my closet, you will see enough plaids to cover the Highlands. Plaids are my favourite pattern, and I think subconsciously part of the reason I dislike the summer is that plaids are incredibly difficult to wear. My plaid collection is wide-ranging and hits most every variation of the pattern possible. I know that a lot of people prefer to dress completely in solids, and sometimes even solely in black, but I think that plaid is a great “entry” pattern that is easier to wear than people think! These are my tips to wearing plaid and managing your collection.

How to Pull Off Plaid,Style File Friday

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Style Saturday- 10 Saturday 2016

I don’t know about all of you, but fall has come to the prairies quite quickly! It’s now at the point where it is cold in the mornings, warm-ish in the afternoons, and cool in the evenings again. While it might be a “basic white girl* trend, I have always loved plaid, aka. tartan, aka. check. Even as a little girl, I sought out plaid pieces. I think that subconsciously it is connected to my English/Irish/Scottish heritage and associated history. Either way, these are my favourite fall pieces! Some of these pieces have been on the blog before, but they are tried and true, tested pieces that I immediately turn to. I will try to link similar pieces that are available now, if you are looking for it!

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Ah, but I do love the style of England

Navy Striped Peonies’ post on English and French styleย reminded me just how much I love English style. Living in Ireland for a year allowed me to expand my wardrobe that wouldn’t have been possible here- High Street stores are something else. Some of my favourite elements?ย  Continue reading