Travel vs. Home

Instagram, Pinterest, and every other social network likes to make us think that everyone is constantly travelling the world and adding stamps to their passport on a daily basis. I’m lucky enough to be able to say that I’ve checked several boxes on my to-see travel list, but I do have many to go! This post was inspired by a chat with Katie, and got me to thinking about travel and the role that it plays in my own life. There are beautiful things about travel and about being home, and I think that both need some celebration!

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Living Sustainably, Pt II: The Home

Welcome to the second part of my series on sustainability! While Part I focused on the different ways you can take to sustainability with the food that you eat and use, this post is going to help you “green up” your approach to your home. All of these suggestions should be application to any home, be it house, hut, apartment, or houseboat (if you’re really fancy, and brave quite frankly), and they will all save you money! Fast and easy, it’s the perfect way to go green…

Sustainability, Part II- The Home

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Adulting- A Handy List, Part I

I am not claiming to be an expert by any stretch, but I like to think that I am slowly getting a handle on being an adult. By trial and error, I have slowly amassed a list of things that help in being a productive and functional adult. (That doesn’t mean that I don’t occasionally eat Tater Tots for dinner…) The first part will focus on the Home, and the Car, and next week will be Clothing, Work, and Friends/Family. I’m a list-er, so I find it helps me stay on track in general!Β 
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