Being a Sorority Advisor

For anyone who isn’t familiar with sororities and Greek life, there are different officer positions in a chapter (that sorority’s group on a particular campus). It might have to do with academics, finances, programming, or any number of areas, and each of those offices ideally will have an advisor. An advisor is an alumnae member who helps their student officer with any issues they might have, offer suggestions and guidance, sign off on reports, and any number of random things. Sororities are presented from the student/collegian point of view 99% of the time- I would like to share the other perspective today! (2)

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Takeaways From Your Sorority

Other than my Badge Day 2017 post, I haven’t written a sorority related post in quite sometime. I have stepped back from our alumnae group but I still am an advisor and we have had a few different events that have given me the time to think back on my time as a member of Alpha Gamma Delta thus far. I believe that sorority experiences can vary widely due to geography, campus culture, chapter culture, age group, and a number of other factors, but I do believe that there a few common strings between all of us.

Sorority Takeaways.jpg

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#ShowYourPurpose Contest Winner, Fraternity Friday

We have come to the end of my #ShowYourPurpose contest for Fraternity Friday! It was a great experience, and I was happy to “meet” some new Alpha Gams along the way- Alpha Gamma Delta is made up of some very inspiring women, and I’m lucky that I can call them sisters.  Continue reading

Living With Purpose, Pt IX- Fraternity Friday

Today we come to the end of my contest! While it’s been a fairly small contest, I’m happy that I decided to do it. I know that very few, if any Alpha Gams have read any of these posts, but if you have, I hope that they have given you some thinking. I will admit, part of the reason that I decided to have this contest is to get members talking about the underlying reasons Alpha Gamma Delta exists. I find it disappointing that so many posts and pictures and tweets are related to superficial aspects of Greek Life- socials/exchanges, how pretty a chapter house is, lettered clothing, blowing glitter around on bid day. I’m in no way saying that everything in the Fraternity needs to be history and weighty discussions but I think that for all of us to prove our worth as an organisation in 2016, looking into 2017 we need to stop sharing the superficial and focus on how we can offer value (and not just a pretty picture) to the world around us. The second last line of the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose well sums up my thoughts…  Continue reading

Living With Purpose, Part VIII.- Fraternity Friday

While this is a fairly small contest, I am happy that I am running it- it has given me a reason to ponder on and think about each specific line of the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose. With this being an incredibly stressful time for me, taking twenty to thirty moments to stop and think about myself as a person and how my actions represent that. Realistically every sister of Alpha Gamma Delta interprets and views the Purpose in  a different way, and I’ve come to realise that it is up to each of us to decide where we stand.
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Living With Purpose, Part VII.- Fraternity Friday

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending another Alpha Gamma Delta Initiation ceremony. No matter how busy or tired or out of it I am, watching it always reminds me how important Alpha Gamma Delta is to me. I believe that taking part in Ritual is just as important for alumnae, if not more so, than it is for collegians. It is a wonderful reminder of why we joined this organisation, and why we still remain members today!

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Living With Purpose, Pt. VI- Fraternity Friday

I’m loving this contest- it is fantastic to be able to see what our sisters are doing for themselves, and for the world around them. Alpha Gamma Delta pushes us to be better women in every way possible. The little changes and actions in our lives are just as meaningful as grand gestures, and I think that this is a great time to celebrate our Fraternity and ourselves! One of my big hopes for this contest is to connect sisters, so please check out the #ShowYourPurpose tag on Instagram to see what sisters have been up to…

Show Your Purpose.jpg

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Living the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose, Pt V- Fraternity Friday

So, here we are at Week Five of my #ShowYourPurpose contest! Entries have started to come in for the contest, and they are looking fantastic- for me, the most important part of this contest is sharing the impact that Alpha Gam (and the Purpose) has on all of us, and there is nothing better than seeing sisterly bonds. Yes, we spend hours planning and attending exchanges and formals and philanthropy events and study hours and recruitment, but at the end of day this is about sisterhood. A huge thank you to those who have entered already, and to everyone who hasn’t you have the second half of the contest to go! Back to the task at hand, the next line of the Purpose… Continue reading

Living the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose, Pt. IV- Fraternity Friday

Week four of the #ShowYourPurpose contest is here to look at the next line of the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose! Last week’s line was related to our wider social networks, while this week’s line focuses on those closest to us. We all have those key few people who are there for us no matter what, and those individuals deserve our time, energy, and love! Every worthwhile endeavour requires effort to be successful; friendships are no exception to that. Now, onto the line! Continue reading