5 Cathedrals You Have to Visit

As a medieval historian who studies secular and canon law, I’m probably more interested than most people in church history. I think that cathedrals are the place to start when visiting a city, as it’s often a chance to see lasting and notable architecture that is lousy with centuries of history! These are 5 cathedrals that I think that everyone should see at some point in their life if they can- from different countries and cities, they all offer something different to their visitors! I hope that you enjoy my recommendations for Travel Thursday…

5 Cathedrals You Have to Visit

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5 Castles You Have to Visit, Travel Thursday

Although my travel experience isn’t the widest in the world, I have been fortunate enough to see many of the places and things on my bucket list! I’ve decided to start a new travel series with 5 of my top recommendations in different categories- I can’t promise that I won’t update them as I travel more, but I’m excited to share all of my favourite places with everyone! Today is all about castles- the homes of royalty and other important persons.

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4 Reasons To Visit St. Giles’ Cathedral, Travel Thursday

St Giles Cathedral- a quiet but gorgeous cathedral tucked away on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh! Technically the High Kirk of St Giles, this cathedral is the heart of the Church of Scotland, a Presbyterian church. It may not have the size and grandeur of Westminster Abbey or York Minster, but it still has a quiet beauty that is well worth a stop on your way through Edinburgh.

4 Reasons to Visit St. Gile's Cathedral, Edinburgh

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Travel Thursday, Holyroodhouse Palace and Abbey

While I was living in Ireland, my mom came to visit me for a week! We took advantage of cheap flights in Europe, and decided to go head to Edinburgh. We focused on the Royal Mile, which is sandwiched between Edinburgh Castle and Β the Palace and Abbey of Holyroodhouse. Although both palaces are strongly intertwined with the Scottish throne, only Holyroodhouse is still used as a Royal Residence by the British monarch. The only downfall to this is that you are not allowed to take any pictures inside the Palace itself. However, in my opinion, the Abbey is actually far more striking anyways.

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The Secrets of Edinburgh Castle, Travel Thursday

When I lived in Ireland, my mom came to visit me for a week! It was a jam packed week and we did quite a few things, but one of my favourite parts was our trip to Edinburgh. For anyone who is interested in Royal history or Scottish history (both of which I am), Edinburgh is a fascinating city. Although it has played host to some utterly fantastic events (see: Lord Darnley’s death), it still seemed quite a quiet and peaceful city. We stayed within the Royal Mile. While there is so much more to be explored, we wanted to see pretty much everything on the Mile, and we only had two days! We figured we might as well focus on that rather than running ourselves ragged. On the Tuesday, we walked up the Mile and started with Edinburgh Castle.

The Secrets of Edinburgh Castle

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