DIY Harry Potter Christmas- Ravenclaw Style, Make It Monday

My office really embraces decorating for the holiday season, and clearly I am just about as gung-ho as it gets. Last year I went with a Whoville/Grinch Who Stole Christmas theme, which was a ton of fun! This year I decided to go with a Harry Potter Christmas theme, specifically Ravenclaw (because I’m Ravenclawesome) and although it took a fair bit of creativity, I’m pretty proud of the whole set up. I will post an “after” picture in the next few weeks after it is all up at work, but I’m going to share the individual elements today for you. The goal was the keep the set up under $50 CAD and be as easy as possible, and I met that goal! Anyone can duplicate this set-up (and make it to your House) with a little effort.

DIY Harry PotterChristmas

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DIY: Making Your Own Christmas Sweater, Style Saturday

I think that we are now at the point in time where we can drop the Ugly in “Ugly Christmas Sweater” and embrace the awesome that they are! Now more than ever the world needs some good ju-ju and cheer, and holiday sweaters are just the ticket. I will admit that I now own five holiday sweaters and a hoodie; I can’t promise that I won’t end up with more this holiday season. Some have movable scarves and fuzzy faces, sequins, and bells- fingers crossed there is one out there for me with lights!! I have been able to grab all of mine for a reasonable price, usually $20 CAD or less (or the equivalent in USD or Euro). However, the prices seem to rise each year for a piece of clothing that realistically can be worn for roughly four weeks total. My recommendation? DIY your own!ย  Continue reading

DIY- Watercolour Quotes

This is the first of my DIY posts for Christmas gifts! These will all be fairly simply DIYs; nothing that requires any elaborate or difficult to obtain supplies, and nothing that requires any in-depth skill or experience. We’ve all seen those Pinterest DIY posts that “are so easy that a blind dog could do it in three easy steps” but in reality require four adult artists twenty four hours and about a hundred steps. I personally love receiving hand made gifts, I very much appreciate the time and energy that goes into them. Today is a simple picture that won’t take very long but allows you to personalise the gift for the recipient! Continue reading

I’m a big kid, er… an adult kid: Colouring Books!

I posted in June 2015 about getting an adult colouring book, and I am happy to say, my collection has grown by leaps and bounds via Christmas! I always loved colouring, and I still do now. I had set myย Enchanted Forestย colouring book aside, as I wan’t really feeling the forest deal after a while. So, which reignited my colouring love??ย  Continue reading