A Guide to Beating the Cold

I’ve no idea what the weather is like where you are, but here we’ve had a turn for the colder! I live in Winnipeg, so it’s not like cold is unfamiliar or shocking to me, but the first turn for cold is always a little chillier than you expect. While I’ve brought out my parka and my warmer mittens, the cold stays with you for a bit and you’ve got to do what you can to warm up. So folks, it’s time to get cozy- this is a step by step guide to shut out the cold and stay warm so that you can relax!

A Guide to Beating the Cold

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Style Saturday- 14 January 2017

Well, my car locked up/died twice this week, Winnipeg and surrounding area had our third blizzard in little over a month, and my eyeballs have frozen more times this week than any human should allow. When you tell people you are from Winnipeg, people inevitably will ask how you deal with the cold. Realistically? Enough layers of clothing to turn you into the Michelin man. However, I was lucky enough to receive a couple of cold weather accessories from my family that are helping stave off the impending doom, I mean, the frigid temperatures of winter. They are super cute and pretty easy to find!  Continue reading