A Guide to Smart Casual for the Office, Style File Friday

I recently changed jobs at the company that I work for, and my new department is quite different from my last! Everyone is incredibly friendly and welcoming, and I am really happy to have wonderful co-workers who make the day brighter. This office is more casual than most though, and I’m definitely working on adapting my style so that I fit more. (I’m not against being on the dressier side, but it does feel odd to be in suit when everyone else is in jeans no matter where you are in life.) This is a guide on how to tackle dressing for a casual office when you come from a formal background!


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Workplace Etiquette

I think that any of us who have worked in any sort of job have had a panicked moment where we overheard a very personal conversation of a coworker or a boss, accidentally hit “Reply All” instead of “Reply”, or have even avoided attending conferences and events because we aren’t sure how to interact with people. Etiquette is not only for your personal life, but also for your professional life! In fact, I would argue that it probably has more of an impact on your professional life. Today I’m sharing a few tips to tackle those tough situations at work!

Workplace Etiquette

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5 Easy and Fast Lunches, Make It Monday

A few of you lovely readers have asked me to do a post on easy and fast lunches to make for and take to work! Life can be busy and hectic, and I’m going to guess that majority of us don’t want to have to make our lunch in the morning before work instead of getting an extra 10-20 minutes of sleep. These are some inexpensive and easy to make lunches that will get you through the day and work and leave you as much time as possible in your day!

5 (1)

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How to Professionally Network at the Start of Your Career

For most millenials, we are in the first 1-8 years of our career. The job market is rapidly changing and the ways that we train, find, and keep jobs are forever evolving. I will be the first to admit that it can easily become overwhelming and feel like a mountain that you have to climb while blindfolded. However, this is your life and your career, and you do have control over where it goes. I work in a large, public university- there is a lot of opportunity, but people can get lost in the shuffle pretty easily. Professional networking is an important step in managing your career and it is a manageable skill when you break it down! This post is a how to guide on how to approach networking, and help you get started…

How to Professionally Network

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Being Bright at Work, Style File Friday

Charlotte and I had a side discussion on my Casual Friday post last week- is it okay to wear bright and loud colours in the workplace? This can be quite a difficult question depending on your office environment, and some industries the choice may be out of your hands entirely. However, I do believe that large majority of offices provide the perfect opportunity to bust out those brights, as long as it’s done properly! (As always with my work wear posts, I recommend that you pay close attention to what everyone else is wearing and check any dress code you may have.)


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Post-Grad Life- One, Two, and Three Years On

Life after university (college if you are one of my lovely American readers) is an impossible and confusing maze to navigate, as the Baby Boomers (BB) and Gen X-ers faced an entirely different world. Way back when, when tenacity, a willingness to work, and common sense were enough to get you a job (a diploma or a degree was helpful but not necessary). Now, a Bachelor’s degree is essentially the new high school diploma but a Masters’ degree leads to over-education, and it leads to ridiculous competition for the few jobs available due to BB working later and later in life. Despite a proliferation of blogs and social media, we really only see the “success” stories- the bloggers that somehow make $400,000/year and the Instagrammers pulling in $3,000+ per post. Today’s post is a realistic look at what post-graduate life looks like for the average millenial (aka, moi). Continue reading

Stress and Relaxation at Work

We all have stress. It comes in different forms, it affects all of us in different ways, but it makes all of our lives harder. Working at a university means that the end of August through to the end of September is pretty awful, work-wise. Thousands of students who all want things done immediately mean that I will be non-stop from start to finish of every day. Relaxation at work seems to be a bit of an oxymoron, but I have a plan to stay relaxed and motivated throughout the stress!Β  Continue reading

How to Deal with a Desk Job

So, you have found a job after graduation (Miracle of all miracles)! You’ve got your business cards, you’ve got your professional wardrobe, you’ve got all the office-appropriate-but-still-fun stationery you can get your hands on. You are learning quickly and picking things up. You are even making small talk in the kitchen! However, you start to notice that when you get home you are exhausted. You feel like going to bed before 9pm. You are dragging by 2pm. And why?? It’s not like you’ve run a marathon.Β  Continue reading

Style Saturday- 28 May 2016

And now to finish up the rest of my RW & Co work purchases! While I could have spent $200 on shirts alone, I knew I should also get bottoms. Those bounce back cards are dangerous for me, but I don’t think I will be stopping in RW & CO for a while. I don’t really have a reason to go in there until the fall, I will be on the hunt for a blazer! So, what bottoms did I purchase? Continue reading