4 Reasons to Watch and Read Outlander

Outlander, the books that have been in the world for twenty plus years and the tv show that was twenty years in the making! Often called “Game of Thrones for women”, I firmly believe that Outlander is for everyone. I totally realise that as a historian who mainly studies the history of Ireland and the British Isles that I might be a tad biased, but maybe that also means that I can recommend it even more. The third season of the television show premiers September 10, and this is the perfect time to get caught up in books and on screen before it starts up again!

4 Reasons You Should be Reading and Watching Outlander

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Quick Question, 13 June 2017

Welcome back for another Quick Question! These are fun questions that let you get to know me and let me learn something about you, my wonderful reader. Feel free to respond in the comments here, or tweet your answer at me @anhistorianblog.


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If You Like Riverdale….

If you have been following me on Twitter at all, you will know that I’m really enjoying Riverdale! (Like many other people…) I was kicking myself at first- I had no idea what it was, it was listed as a new release on Netflix, and I figured I would give it a shot. What I didn’t know was that it was the first day it was available, and the episodes were being added one by one. Even though I try to avoid it and wait until an entire season of a show is available, I’m now back to waiting for the episode to be up on Netflix on Friday morning! So, I went in search of something to feed my Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica fix in the meantime….


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Catching Up On Netflix

I don’t know why, I’ve hit a bit of a reading slump. If I had to guess, I would say that it’s probably because I’m exhausted from getting back into it at work and from the cold (and associated car troubles). It is easier to tuck myself into bed and watch some Netflix rather than decide on a book. I try not to overload the blog with lists but I’ve discovered and rediscovered some new shows on Netflix and I figured I would share! I always appreciate suggestions, so I’m turning it around today.  Continue reading

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life- Spoilers Ahead!

BE WARNED: SPOILERS COMING UP. Now that I have watched it twice through, and am making my way through a third, I feel like I can start writing my thoughts down. We have all waited the better part of a decade for another date with our girls, and we finally got that in the form of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life! Four, ninety minute episodes, from Winter all the way through to Fall.  I’ve been waiting over a year for this, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I used a vacation day for it! This is going to be somewhat organised, but also a stream of consciousness. Much like the Gilmore Girls themselves… Continue reading



IT IS NOT A DRILL, I REPEAT IT IS NOT A DRILL. Gilmore Girls will be back in our hearts and homes on Friday, 25 November, 2016, and the world will be a better place for it. It is the one show that I watched on tv from start to finish, from the pilot to the last episode of season seven, and have rewatched the entire series over 20 times now. Some might call it an obsession, I call it a safe and comfortable place for me to always come home to. Although there are only going to be four new episodes, they will all be 90 minutes long. Here is your very own Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life guide to prepare for the big day! Continue reading

The Crown is Finally Here-Planning Your Binge

I fully believe that if you are going to do a Netflix binge session of a new show, you need to make the day worthy of it. In the last year or so, there have been some fairly big shows to come out of Netflix, and they don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. While I am more excited than any human should be for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, so much so that I booked the day off of work and already have a post in draft form, I was just as excited for The Crown! I understand why there aren’t a ton of shows or films about the current, living Royal Family, but until The Crown, there weren’t a ton to choose from (The Queen, The King’s Speech, and Diana, though I don’t recommend watching that one…). A full year of waiting, as soon as I was home from work on Friday, Netflix was KING! (See what I did there?)

14732155_1636877559942707_4537844807439908641_nVia The Crown on Facebook

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Sing It On IS BACK!

So, last fall I discovered Sing It On on Netflix. It’s the real life version of Pitch Perfect, which is one of the best movies ever made. Sure, there are the people who are going to tell me that it’s ridiculous and just a comedy, but to those people, I say, I don’t care. I can’t sing to save my life. I have an awful, terrible voice that’s really of no use to music whatsoever. So, any chance I get to listen to people who can actually sing, I will take! It doesn’t hurt that they are literally the entire song, including percussion, melody, harmony, and traditional vocals. We are one episode into the second season of Sing It On, and I’ve already watched it 10+ times…. Continue reading

What I’ve Been Watching

Although I read like a crazy person, I do watch some television as well. Well, is it called tv if you watch it on Netflix? I have some standard shows that I can watch whenever, wherever- Gilmore GirlsParks and RecreationDestination Truth. But there are some that I have been watching as of late! Continue reading