6 Smart Ways to Shop Sale Emails, Style File Friday

I think that in 2018, all of us receive more retail related emails than we could ever hope to read in the rest of our life, and they still keep coming. While I think that all of us need to work on becoming conscious purchasers- me, included!- and need to reframe our ways of thinking- cheap shouldn’t be the only factor -, these promotional emails can help you save some money on what could otherwise be quite an expensive item. However, these emails can quickly become overwhelming and enticing, and can really cloud your shopping judgement if you let them. These are 6 easy ways to shop sale emails the smart way!

6 Smart Ways to Shop Sale Emails

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Welcome to 2015- My Tech Devices

This is 2015, and clearly technology isn’t going away. We have different devices for different functions- I am one of those people who likes having a different device for each activity,  I prefer things to be separate and organised. However, they do typically all work together! What do I use? Continue reading