Ordering From Etsy, Style File Friday

I think that a lot of us are familiar with Etsy in that we know that it is there and have a general idea of what it is. I’ve purchased scarves and a few other pre-made things that are ready to ship as soon as you’ve paid, but I avoided buying anything custom that would have to be made. I don’t know why, but it always made me slightly uneasy. However, that changes now! This post is my advice and experience with ordering from an Etsy shop, and hopefully it can help answer some questions!

Ordering From Etsy, Style File Friday

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Style Saturday: 20 February 2016

This week we are back to regular old purchases, no more big shopping hauls from Seattle! Although spreading it out 3-4 items at a time does make it seem like a lot more. Or that could be what I tell myself haha! These are all relatively inexpensive purchases, so nothing crazy here. Continue reading